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Mello Beauty

Mello's Ultrasonic Face Cleanser


Mello's Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser 


The ultrasonic vibration with mild heating, promotes blood circulation, accelerates the speed of skin cell metabolism, soften old keratin, restore skin elasticity, and make skin tight and smooth. 


Modes include:
Ultrasonic + positive ion mode : Deep skin cleansing, remove dirt, excessive grease, melanin, cutin and blackhead.

Ultrasonic + negative ion: Nutrition leading-in, improve the skin tone, reduce wrinkles and whiten your skin.

Tapping massage: Massage and remove wrinkles, firming and lifting skin.
It will automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of use.


*Rechargeable design, after 2 hours full charge, it can be used continuously for 1 hour.

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