“Oil wins out every time”

Wax solvents are designed to clean wax from all surfaces and we think they work best on hard surfaces like floors and bench tops, but when it comes to cleaning pots and/or vinyl chairs or beds, oil wins out every time.

If you pour a little oil on paper towel and then wipe the sides or rim of your sticky wax pot, you will find the wax quickly disappearing. For best results, make sure the pot is still hot (but turned OFF). The great thing is the pot will not feel tacky or sticky, as the oil dissolves the wax and although it may feel a little greasy, you can always wipe over the area with a dry cloth.

Over time, cleaning with solvents can cause plastic pots to crack or surfaces becoming dull and damaged. Whereas, cleaning with oil keeps them in tip top condition for longer. Using this same method will clean vinyl chairs and treatment couches will make sure they last longer than if you rub with solvents.

Which oil? We recommend using a mineral-based oil with no color or fragrance.

Happy waxing!