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We believe that hard wax has ample benefits over soft wax, but the effectiveness of the hard wax is directly related to its quality. Mello Wax's Hard Wax Beans were created to be loved by all types of skin & hair.

Our premium low melting point waxes are produced using a blend of high quality resins, & nourishing coconut oil. The end result is a hard wax that you can't get enough of. Here’s why:


Unlike soft wax, which requires the use of cloth strips, our hard wax is the only material we need to get your skin silky smooth. As it dries, it shrink wraps itself around the hair and transforms into a flexible strip. The wax only attaches to the hair, and not your skin, for an easy & more mellowremoval process.


Since hard wax doesn’t stick to skin, the removal process is considered less painful. Instead of worrying about rashes, cuts, and irritation to your skin, you will only feel the actual removal of the hair. 


Just like soft wax, hard wax removes the hair from the root, so it takes longer for the hair to grow back compared to shaving. However, unique to hard wax is its ability to remove hair from any angle. With soft wax, if the esthetician pulls the wax off in the same direction as the hair growth, it can distort the hair follicle. But what happens if the hair doesn’t all grow in the same direction? With hard wax, this isn’t a concern, because it can be removed from any angle with no risk of damage to the follicle.


Finally, hard waxcan be reapplied to the same area in the same waxing session. With soft wax, if a few hairs are missed, you will generally use tweezers to complete the process. When using hard wax, if there's a few stray hairs left behind simply apply a thin layer to those areas and peel again with minimal pain and no plucking!

Elonah B
Elonah B

Elonah is a creative type from the Philippines, writing all sorts of stuff from fashion tips, beauty how-to's to lifestyle bits. If not writing, she loves to take photos, style people and drink coffee on the side.

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Mello Wax
Mello Wax

December 02, 2017

Hi Sandra, The wax can be re-used though we don’t advise this for a number of reasons. It’s extremely unhygienic to re-apply wax that has already been used as there will be hair and in some cases a blood on the strip.
We would be more than happy to go into more detail with you via email :)

Sandra Razo
Sandra Razo

November 30, 2017

After using the wax. Do you put away the strip of wax you used n recycle it to you it again????

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