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by Elonah B. January 19, 2018 2 Comments

5 Benefits Of Waxing The Peach Fuzz

When it comes to female facial hair, there are awesome women who wear their hair with pride, and there are others who want it removed A-S-A-P.

Though neither approach is wrong, it's safe to say the latter is the more common. And with a variety of different hair removal methods on the menu, we know it can get confusing to navigate what's right for you. So here's the quick deets on waxing:

While many are still questioning whether the process is painful, many new generational waxing products have been developed to produce lesser “ouch”. In addition to this, waxing will leave your skin smoother for weeks or months without any side-effects to worry about.

Unlike shaving, this hair removal method removes hair from the roots without leaving blunt edges on your face as hair re-grows.

Why Mello Wax?

With so many types of facial wax available, choosing one can be arduous and confusing all at the same time. So which one to use? Undoubtedly, Mello Wax is a great way to remove unwanted facial hair as it restricts hair from returning for several weeks or even months. This is an ideal hair removal treatment for people
with sensitive skin and who are irritated with shaving or other hair removing products. Plus, Mello Wax features colorful beans that will add fun to your waxing experience.

Below, we highlight the benefits of removing unwanted hairs with Mello Wax:

1. No Unkempt Look

Unlike shaving, waxing your face with Mello Wax removes hair shaft completely. It means your hair grows back naturally without making you look shaggy (who wants that?). It makes hair grow finer and slower, too. In addition, it offers clean and smoother results because hair is pulled out from the roots.

2. Long-Lasting Smoother Skin

If you are looking to get long lasting smooth and hair free skin then waxing with Mello Wax is the right choice for you. It leaves your skin smoother and removes the dead skin cells along with a top dry layer of the skin, leaving your skin more silky smooth and shiny.

3. Less Hair Growth

Regular waxing can reduce your hair growth substantially over a period of time. The more you wax, the less hair will grow back. This is due to waxing “damaging” the hair follicle and making your skin hair free. Unlike shaving, you will see lesser hair reappearing each time you wax.

4. Greater Precision

Waxing with Mello Wax gives you greater precision over shaving. This means you will stay smoother for weeks. And with greater precision, your hair growth will be lesser and will grow back softer, sparser and weaker.

5. Cost

Compared to other hair removal methods such as laser hair removal, Mello Wax is an effective and pocket-friendly way that offers long-lasting effects to the skin. If you know how to do it, you can save even more! When it comes to removing facial hair, waxing with our Mello Wax product is a proven method. It helps the skin appear beautiful and healthier. It is also considered as a popular treatment for facial hair removal.

To Sum Up...

Although waxing is a temporary treatment, many women still prefer this over other alternative hair removal treatments because of its convenience, ease, low upkeep cost, and long-lasting effects to the skin. So, whether you are looking for sensational smooth hairless skin or seeking to exfoliate your skin while removing unwanted facial hair, you’re sure to find satisfaction when using Mello Wax!

Elonah B.
Elonah B.

Elonah is a creative type from the Philippines, writing all sorts of stuff from fashion tips, beauty how-to's to lifestyle bits. If not writing, she loves to take photos, style people and drink coffee on the side.

2 Responses

Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan

February 07, 2018

This is some interesting piece of information and thank you for sharing it with us. i once read on https://www.bodylogicstudio.net/waxing.html about the benefits of lycon waxing which and how it is different than conventional waxing. Can you please share your thoughts about it.


January 23, 2018

Wow! I can’t thank you enough, you’ve saved my life! I’ve always been embarrassed with my facial hair, I’ve tried absolutely everything and nothing seemed to work up until now. Thank you Mellowax for making me feel confident and secure!

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