Yes, Underarm Waxing Will Change Your Life!

Yes, Underarm Waxing Will Change Your Life!

We're all about properly waxed silky smooth skin here folks, and this time, it's all about waxing your underarms.

We've talked about how one's skincare routine can often entail grooming every little bit of hair that pops up out of nowhere, and that includes your pits. So if you're in the market for a salon-perfect smooth at home, you're in for a treat! Here's why underarm waxing will change your life -- and no, you don't need an expensive treatment to do it:

Say goodbye to skin irritation.

When you wax your armpits, you are left with smooth and hair-free underarms for up to four weeks. This means you are less likely to have skin irritation, painful ingrown hairs and nicks that are unfortunately due to shaving. It's literally a life (skin) saver.

Longer hair re-growth.

Once you've started waxing your underarms, you'll eventually notice that hair tends to re-grow on a much more longer timeframe compared to when you shave. The typical re-growth time ranges from two to eight weeks, and this usually depends on your hair's natural regrowth cycle.

No more red bumps.

Since shaving requires some creams and soaps for it to work properly on your skin, this often leads to irritation in the form of rash-like redness or bumps. When you switch to wax, however, you'll only be needing an aloe-infused oil or lotion in order to exfoliate your skin. Plus, you don't have to worry about any stubble or discoloration because wax pulls straight from the hair as opposed to shaving from the surface.

The major plus factor? Kissing those razor burns goodbye. Need we say more about this? The more regularly you wax your underarms, the better results you'll get! You'll be able to achieve silky-smooth underarm skin in no time.