Winter Skincare: Tips from Cosmetic Surgeons

Has your skin started to feel dry and itchy in the winter season? The cold temperature, change in habits, and harsh winds can wreak havoc on the skin’s health. Moreover, there are temperature variations with the difference in windy outdoor climate to the heated indoors. This may leave your skin raw, dry, and susceptible to more damage. We have professional cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians weigh in with the best winter skin care tips to help you. 


Even when you put on moisturizer and take care of your skin in winters, it may not be enough. Besides, you may be using skin care ingredients that may do more harm than good. Keeping in mind your current skin type and conditions, it is ideal to choose the products and stick to the necessary steps. Another reason your skin may be troubled in winters is the long hot showers and inadequate hydration. Also, winter makes you feel lazy and skip on skincare at times. Let’s glance at the changes in regime and skincare tips for healthier skin these winters.

Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Your skin is the first to show signs of dryness with patchy skin and an itchy surface. This may lead to aggravation of conditions like dermatitis and eczema. Even when it is cold outside, ensure that you include the following in your skin regime.

Use a humidifier in your home

The air outside is dry and cold, which may be detrimental to your skin and hair. Using a humidifier in your living room and bedroom will add moisture to the dry air and hydrate your skin. Moreover, it will help with keeping the cold and flu away. You may add essential oil blends to the humidifier for a relaxing effect.

Maintain the indoor temperature


It may be tempting to crank up the heat indoors as the temperature drops outside. However, it may not be the best for your skin as it dries the indoor air even more. It is better to keep your thermostat around 68°F to 72°F to make sure your skin maintains hydration. Moreover, keep it at a constant without changing it too much in the daytime and the nighttime.

Limit your shower time and don’t go too hot

Everyone knows how comforting it is to hop in and enjoy a hot steamy shower. However, the hot water strips the natural oils of the skin and makes it drier. If your skin feels red and dry after a shower, chances are the water temperature is too high.


You may take a lukewarm shower or bath to keep your skin soothed in winters. Besides, do not spend too much time in the water, making your skin more sensitive to damage. Additionally, use a mild and mild cleanser and do not have surfactants to ensure the skin does not dry up.

Be picky about your cleanser

You may not remember to switch your summer cleanser in the winters, but the cold weather requires a mild and effective cleanser. Since your skin is not getting sweaty and extra oily in winters, you do not need a heavy-duty cleanser. You may get a milk-based cleanser for effective cleaning and keeping your skin germ free. Moreover, an oil-based cleanser such as rosehip oil will be gentle to the skin. You may try the Rose Hip Radiance Cleanser by Mello Beauty to wash your face with lukewarm water.

Modify Your Skincare Regimen for the Winter Season

Your summer skincare may be full of gels and serum, which are lightweight to the skin. However, winters call for cream-based products to create an emollient layer on your face. Ingredients like Vitamin E, coconut oil, and hyaluronic acids help balance the hydration in the skin. 

I recommend the 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer by Mello to keep the skin hydrated and balance the oils. Moreover, make sure the skin products are free from alcohol and fragrance in any form as it may be drying for the skin. Remember to follow up with the skin regime twice a day to maintain the suppleness of your skin.

Use ample moisturizer everywhere

To maintain healthy skin in winters, it is essential you apply moisturizer everywhere. After a shower or a bath, massage your skin with a good moisturizer to prevent itchy and scaly skin. You may use oil-based moisturizers to combat the flaky skin in winters. Also, exfoliate your skin at least one or two times a week with a gentle exfoliant or bath gloves. It will keep the dry skin in check and remove the dead skin layers.

Don’t forget the SPF

You may feel that you don’t require SPF in winters, but the sun may be harsher in some areas. So, always have your SPF on even on the grey cloudy days. It will protect your face from UV damage and sun-related early aging. See that the SPF cream is non-drying and has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

Stay hydrated and active

Your skin may be dry to your lack of water intake in winters, and you may not even realize it. You are more likely to get dehydrated as you may skin drinking water at a stretch of hours. Ensure that you drink enough water and other fluids such as green tea and soups to stay hydrated.

Also, include omega acids and enough vitamins in your diet to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Staying active in winters is also crucial to prevent anybody fatigue and pains. It may include a walk or an indoor workout to get the blood pumping.

Use oils and skincare wisely

Avoid certain products and chemical peels in the winters as your skin may find it hard to recover in harsh weather. Moreover, you may feel more tingling and patchy on using strong chemicals on the skin. You may add oils such as jojoba and rosehip to your skin to moisturize it with natural goodness.

With an effective skincare routine, your skin's texture and appearance will stay healthy even in the wintertime.