Why waxing at home is better than laser treatment?

Are you struggling to choose the best hair removal method for you? There are several options like shaving, depilatory creams, epilating, waxing, and laser. All these hair removal methods have their pros and cons. However, waxing at home takes the trophy for a trusty old hair removal method. It's one of the most reliable and effective methods to remove hair. All you need is the right method and the right products.

We’ll discuss in detail some waxing at home tips and how to make your skin smoother for longer. When we compare waxing to other hair removal methods, it is less messy with the right equipment and versatile to remove all body hair. Let’s learn how waxing works so effectively and why so many choose it over other methods.

How Does at Home Waxing Work?

The process uses wax as a medium to pull out the hair from its roots. The heated wax removes the hair with minimal pull on the skin and leaves it hair-free in an upward taught motion. Generally, an applicator is used to apply the wax and remove it with a strip. However, we recommend Strawberry Hard Wax Beans by Mello Beauty that does not require any strips and works well on its own.

Besides, you can get a Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty, which has a wax heater too. This will suffice your waxing kit at home and make your waxing process smoother. When waxing from home, note that you don’t heat the wax too much.

The proper technique to apply wax is in the direction of hair growth and pulling it against the growth. It is best to keep your skin dry and powder before applying wax and keeping it tight while pulling it in one swift motion. Waxing will leave your skin smoother for longer and prevent any outbreak of ingrown hair.

Moreover, you can wax sensitive areas like the face, armpits, and bikini region. After waxing your face, it may appear red which will subside in a while. To use the redness, you may learn how to use toner to calm your skin with some alternate uses. A lipo-soluble wax will be great for bikini waxing at the home kit as it is gentle on the skin.

Why is waxing at home better?

There are some ways waxing is better than any other hair removal method and will keep your skin flawless for a long time. Here are some more benefits of waxing over making an impulsive decision to laser your hair.

Comfortable and Painless

There are several wax options that do not pull your skin and cause excessive pain. Although, you may experience some discomfort if you are waxing for the first time. The process gets comfortable in two or three consecutive sittings. You may wax after four to six weeks depending upon your hair growth. Besides, with time your growth will considerably reduce.


Laser is the most expensive hair removal method, and it requires a lot of time. You may need to break your bank to get all the multiple sittings done for it to actually work. On the other hand, waxing is cost-effective. You need to spend in a good wax heater and have backups of good wax that works on hair without pulling on the skin.


Waxing has long-lasting effects in comparison to shaving and hair removal creams. Depending upon your natural hair color texture, and growth, you will require waxing after a month. Your skin will be smooth and hair-free for weeks. Moreover, waxing reduces the coarseness of hair with time and makes them appear lighter.

No Pigmentation

Hair removal methods like laser, creams, and shaving may lead to pigmentation in the skin; moreover, they may cause you to develop bumps and lead to scarring. So, waxing is one effective method that will brighten up the skin. Moreover, it also helps in removing the dry and dead skin cells; therefore, exfoliating the skin.

Less irritation

Laser and shaving may make your skin inflamed and lead to irritation in some cases. Besides, it may make your skin appear lighter or dark than your real skin tone and will look patchy. Waxing is your safe bet to prevent this redness and inflammation.

What are the Pros and Cons of Waxing?

As you know, each method comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. You should consider which method is suitable for your skin type. Moreover, it is not heavy on your pocket like other non-permanent and permanent hair removal methods.


Waxing is cost-effective and can be easily administered at home. Unlike laser, waxing works on all hair colors and textures. With liposoluble wax, you don’t even need to wait for your hair to grow too much as it works on the tiniest of hair growths too. Besides, waxing will help your skin look free from texture and tan, to flaunt your summer dresses.


For first-timers, waxing may feel a bit painful and discomforting. If you are a sensitive skin beauty, you may feel some swelling and redness too. But, the good part is that all this is temporary. Besides, when waxing sensitive areas, you may experience more pain as the skin is prone to more pain with nerve endings.

It may also take a lot of time until you perfect the technique entirely. A tip is to keep your hands steady while pulling your wax strip to minimize the time. Moreover, you may use ice and aloe vera gel to calm down your skin post-waxing.

Now that you know all about waxing at home and how it is the most effective hair removal method. In our next article, we’ll discuss the must-have bikini waxing at-home kit to have you look smooth down there.