Which Wax is Better for Your Brazilian?

Once and for all, let's talk about that private little thing called "The Brazilian". Most people shy away from opening up to this topic because it's just, well, a little too private to speak about. But since we're all about that healthy skincare routine, let's just brave things up and get on with it. So... is hard wax or soft wax better for your much anticipated Brazilian waxing sesh? Let's try to break things down the details:

What's A Brazilian, Exactly?

To put things on a much simpler perspective, Brazilian waxing is a technique that eliminates every little thing down there. Its history, however, dates back to its self-explanatory origin when women in Brazil wear skimpy bikinis and lounge at their country's scenic beaches. In order for them to bask beautifully, they have to endure a very thorough waxing session that will remove all hair in and around the "pubic" area... and that includes the labia and the backside, too! We've talked about how to brave up to the Brazilian here.

So What's A Hard Wax?

Hard waxes are stripless waxes that have a thick consistency. Once applied, it hardens on the skin and retains a malleable consistency that allows skipping the use of muslin strips. In essence, it acts as a strip that one can just rip off without using any other aid aside from your own hands. Most estheticians (your salon lady) prefer using hard waxes because it's easier and fast to use in the salon. Apart from its easy-to-use quality, hard waxes melt at a lower temperature which makes it comfortable and preferable to use on the skin.

And So What's A Soft Wax?

Compared to its "hard" counterpart, soft waxes have higher malleability and covers any area of your skin regardless of how difficult it is. Due to its nature and component, it doesn't stick to the skin but only to the hair itself. However, due to its malleability, one will need some muslin strips in order to rip the hair off. It melts at a higher temperature, too, so get ready to feel a little pang of pain when going for this type of wax.

So... Which Is Better For A Brazilian?

Well, the truth is, it all depends on your preference and skin type. Generally hard wax is the more popular choice however If you're going to the salon, ask your esthetician about it and you can discuss the details of your waxing session. But if you're going for an at-home waxing session, you will have to test things out and see if hard wax or soft wax works for your skin. You will never know if you don't try, right?