What Wax Is Better For Your Brazilian: Soft Wax Or Hard Wax?

What Wax Is Better For Your Brazilian: Soft Wax Or Hard Wax?

Let's begin this article by saying that either way, you'll end up choosing a wax that's perfectly suited for your skin. If you ask the experts, you'll definitely get varied answers... and that's not going to help you out if you're just new at the waxing game. When going for the "Brazilian", make sure you know what kind of wax works best for your hair type. Depending if your hair is coarse, fine or just the right amount of wave, you'll find that you'd end up using a soft wax or a hard wax.

In this post, we'll give you extra tips on what wax is better for your Brazilian.

When using hard wax..

You'll see that it will shrink wrap around your hair, effectively lifting your hair from the skin. And this fact goes to all types (and brands) of premium hard waxes out there, trust us. When using a hard wax, there's no need for paper to apply over the top layer as the wax hardens on its own strip for the removal process. You can apply the wax as thick or as thin as you like, and if applied correctly and accordingly, your wax shouldn't be breaking, cracking or feel a tinge of brittle.

PRO: Can pull out hair shorter than the ideal length so there's less time waiting for your hair to grow back.

CON: If you're sweating over the thought of waxing downstairs, the hard wax will not adhere to your skin as well

Meanwhile, when using soft wax..

It should be applied thinly, and in larger sections compared to a hard wax. In addition, in glides on the skin and is removed with a strip of muslin, pellon or any similar material. When used correctly, a soft wax should not leave any sticky residue on your skin.

PRO: There's no need to wait for the wax to be set up, just apply on your skin and remove.

CON: Must only be applied in the direction of your hair growth and is not as suitable to sensitive regions/skin as hard wax.

So, is it going to be hard wax or soft wax for you?