What No One Tells You About Waxing

We've all had a love-hate relationship with a particular beauty routine, and there's no denying that it's just a part of life itself. If you're a beauty cult follower, you might have had your fair share of mishaps -- and we're not just talking about a stained lipstick inside your favorite purse. Yikes!

As part of our beauty routine, it's part of the checklist to include waxing in our monthly to-dos. But if you're just a newbie into the waxing space, what the heck do you know about the #irl facts of waxing? Is it really less painful? Are the waxes safe to use? Do they really pull out hair? The stuff no one tells you about, unless you Google them out. But because we're all besties here at Mello Wax, we'll let you in on a little secret: there are things no one tells you about waxing. Scary stuff? Not really.

Below, we've jotted down a few top secret insider info that no one tells you about. You'll thank us later, girl friends.

Secret #1: Shaving isn't the real deal.

Are you a shaving goddess? Stop. it. right. now. If you're looking to wax but have been shaving before, you will need to stop your previous routine. Frequently shaving in between your waxing sesh can make your next wax even more painful. This is due to hair follicles becoming even more rough and makes it hard to remove. So if you're looking for a smoother result, do away with shaving until your next wax appointment or at-home waxing sesh. Patience is a virtue, ladies!

Secret #2: It's best to pop some advil before your waxing session.

No skin and body reaction is the same, so if you know you're one of those who constantly feel pain for whatever reason it's best to pop some Advil -- especially if you're heading for a waxing sesh! Sensitive people can take one or two Advils to help numb the pain. It's a lot less hassle than to pursue for a numbing cream later on. Pro tip: always ask your doctor before you drink those meds!

Secret #3: PMSing? Don't get a wax, sister.

It's a given fact that you're bound to feel a lot more pain if you're premenstrual. All those hormones will leave your skin extra sensitive to anything -- especially when you use waxing strips. So if you're on your menstrual cycle, forbid any trip to the waxing salon and just stay calm. Instead, schedule a session a week after your period has gone away.

Anything else you want to add to the top secret list? Comment below!