Wedding Skincare Prep | The Ultimate Timeline

Wedding Skincare Prep | The Ultimate Timeline

Are you in the center of preparing for your wedding day? I can completely understand the amount of pressure you must be dealing with. From planning a guest list to finalizing the destination, there is so much more to a wedding, especially if you are the bride. From deciding whether you want a small gathering or a grand party to deciding whether you want to wear a mermaid or an A-line dress, the checklist is never-ending!

Apart from all of the preparation, your wedding skincare should be on top of your goals! Make sure you have a great workout routine along with a proper nutrition plan so that you carry out your responsibilities with a calm mind. Keeping this in mind, I have come up with the ultimate wedding timeline so that you can have it all figured out.

4 Months Before

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If you have around four months before you get married, you still have plenty of time for a perfect wedding skincare routine. The first step is eating healthy and slipping in a workout routine in your busy schedule. Apart from that, get ready for some serious transformation right from the comfort of your home with Mello Beauty's pre-wedding skincare tips. Wedding skincare can be exhausting; therefore, I am thinking about making it easy for you.

Start with a magic wand that will erase all the skin imperfections. The Mello Needles Derma Roller is a completely natural way to improve the health and beauty of your skin.

It is far better than getting your skin treated with those harsh chemicals right when you want to look your best. The earlier you start with this treatment, the better you will see the end results. It truly depends on consistency.

2 Months Before

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Do not forget about the health of the skin around your arms, back, hands, and chest while you are on it. Exfoliating your body regularly will help you achieve a holistic glow at the time of your big day. Cleanse your body with Mello's Electric Cleansing Brush. Prep your hands and nails with regular manicures for the perfect close-up shot of your wedding ring!

You can check this blog for some inspiring nail art ideas!

For your face, indulge in some pampering session with the help of Mello's Ultrasonic Face Cleanser. This machine is a super essential step in the skincare routine before the wedding and solves all the skin troubles, from oily skin to large pores. It promotes blood circulation and accelerates the speed of skin cell metabolism, making the skin tight and smooth; therefore, be prepared to fix each issue with ease!

A Month Before

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Make sure you are consistent with your at-home skincare before the wedding. Other than that, your body needs a little love too! With Mello's Slimming Cavitation Therapy, tone your body by speeding the metabolism. Its heat therapy promotes the rejuvenation of the skin by enhancing the texture. Not only is it compact, but it is also super convenient and easy to use.

Stick to the plan; you are super close to achieving your dream wedding skin goals!

1 Week Before

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Skincare for a wedding isn't easy. Your skin needs a lot of moisture so that it looks youthful and radiant. For that to happen, make sure the products you use seep into the layers of your skin. Use Mello's Microdermabrasion System that offers different functions. The different levels of suction make it suitable for every type of skin. Apart from that, it removes the pores and wrinkles on your face to keep your skin clean.

Also, its time you get rid of unwanted body hair. With Mello's Wax Warmer and Hard Wax Beans, it couldn't have been easier. It leaves your skin super soft and nourished; therefore, you can trust it with your Brazillian Wax as well.

A Day Before

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By now, I know you are deep in the wedding week jitters! However, squeezing in a workout will help release any toxins stored in your skin and body and ditch the anxious feeling. Drink as much as water as you can and think about all the cake you get to eat! Well, you deserve it!

Before going to bed, give your body the love of Mello's Rose Quartz Roller. Massage it all over your face emphasizing more on the area around your eyes and neck. It will release all the toxins and make your look beautiful as ever on your wedding day.

The Special Day

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Take a deep breath; you made it! Try not to stress about anything and help your skin get the radiance that it totally needs today with Mello's LED Face Mask. You can use it while waiting to get your hair and makeup done. Here is a guide on why LED Mask is essential for your skin's health. I am sure the moment you walk down the aisle, there's no way you won't look any less than a princess!

For all the brides to be, I just have one thing to say - your wedding day will be one of the most crucial days of your life. Therefore, prepping beforehand won't hurt anyone. Instead, it will only help you plan in a more strategic way. For a flawless and radiant complexion, try the above-mentioned steps and make the more of this priceless time in your life!

In the next blog, I will help your sort your diet chart with some of the best food items for clear skin. So, don't miss it out!