Waxing VS Shave | Who Wins the Battle

Are you torn between waxing and shaving? Shaving involves the use of razors and removing the hair from their tip. Waxing is the method that pulls the hair from the roots. Shaving may be convenient but has its downside. You may experience some redness and bumps after shaving. Waxing will cause an initial discomfort with pain and inflammation, but it is worth all the effort. There is a massive difference if we compare waxing vs shave.

Shaving may look like a savior in times of emergencies but may result in red bumps after shaving. And let’s not talk about the ingrown hair and dryness that shaving can leave behind. There is a sure shot winner in this battle of hair removal. It might be a personal choice, but consider the method that leaves you smooth for a longer time.

Now, shaving may not need many skills and seem easier for beginners. However, is it even worth it if your skin is suffering in the long run? Shaving may cause your skin to inflame and trigger issues like acne. You may need to learn the technique of waxing to ensure you do it safely. With products like Rainbow Hard Wax Bundle, waxing has become easy for anyone to maneuver. Here are some waxing tips that will help you get flawless skin at home in this hot summer.

Waxing- Good Time Investment

Shaving is an old school method to remove hair and does not deliver a satisfactory result. If this is your go-to method, you might as well know how much time and efforts go into it. It’s time to consider a method that is more sustainable. Moreover, it leaves your skin looking brighter and soft to touch. If you judge on the basis of touch test, then waxing vs shave battle are won by waxing.

Waxing is a good time investment even if it takes some time to wax. You will no longer need to do it every other day, unlike waxing. The results of waxing are phenomenal and leave your skin hair-free for up to 2-4 weeks. It may depend on your hair growth and the area that is waxed, but it does last longer than shaving.

Some other benefits of waxing include tan removal, dead skin removal, and pore cleansing. Your skin will look younger without the harsh use of razor on it. Moreover, areas like bikini and underarm benefit the most from waxing. There are several underarm waxing benefits like delayed growth and reduction in growth over time. Shaving these areas is definitely a huge no, as the growth may become prickly.

Happy and Healthy Skin

Shaving has a lot of negative impact on the health of your skin and leaves it looking dull. It only removes the top layer and does not help in removing the accumulated dead skin cells. This may turn your skin rough with a lot of dark patches on the skin. To avoid all this chaos in the skin, consider waxing it to doubly exfoliate your skin.

Waxing helps in taking off the topmost layer of the skin and leaves behind fresh skin. Your skin will feel glowing and healthier post waxing. It will be able to absorb moisture and feel hydrated from within. Moreover, you need not worry about the mess caused by waxing. Get a product like Wax Warmer by Mello Beauty that cleanly heats the wax and prepares it for waxing.

No Itchy Bumps

A common after-effect of shaving is itching and redness on the skin. No amount of lotion can relieve you from this itch and may even trigger skin infections. This razor burn is avoided by choosing to wax your skin. You may miss the convenience of shaving, but no more razor burns will be a relief to your skin.

The benefits and results of waxing surely outnumber the discomfort and prep that is involved. Your skin deserves that long-lasting smoothness instead of the annoying razor bumps that make every piece of clothing itchy.

No more cuts and Knicks

Your razor may slip from your hand, or the uneven pressure on the skin can result in tiny cuts and knicks. These will bleed and sting for days until recovered fully, after which there may be scarring on the skin. This can be a painful experience and may not be the look that you are going for covered in bandages.

Hair removal should not be so stressful to cause unwanted cuts. Switching to waxing will prevent the chance of getting a razor scooter on your legs and arms. The soft growth that comes after post-waxing will make you experience the difference that we are talking about.

Bye-Bye Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is unsightly and terrible to experience. They are a result of the irritation that is caused by shaving. These are hair follicles that stay stuck under the skin but keep on growing and are painful to remove. Moreover, they may lead to issues like infected follicles. It is better to throw those razors into the trash and treat your skin better.

As wax plucks the hair from the roots, there is no chance of the hair to grow inside the skin. Your skin will be hair-free for longer and feel rejuvenated without any bumps and ingrown. If you consider waxing vs shave, the issue of ingrown hair will no longer exist after waxing.

There you know it now which method is better for your skin and active lifestyle. Waxing is a method that is proven to reduce hair growth with consecutive sessions. Your skin will thrive and look flawless for longer.