Waxing Tips for the Summer Skin

Summertime is the season to flaunt your glowing skin in cute dresses and shorts. But wait!! That needs you to be regular with the upkeep of skin rituals. One of which is waxing and managing body hair in between the waxing sessions. Waxing can get messy and painful if you are not familiar with the right techniques and the right products. We have some brilliant waxing tips for you to make your skin hair-free, almost painless, with ease.

You can get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on your body with these waxing tips at home and products like Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty. They are easy to maneuver and entirely safe to do it all by yourself. Brush up your waxing tips knowledge on how to rock a hairless body for a longer time with waxing.

Prep the Skin

Waxing has been one of the best-known methods to remove body hair and dead skin. Though, it does need you to prepare your skin before making the process go smoothly. Apply a body scrub or use a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin in the shower a day before you plan on waxing it. You can also use a loofah with some exfoliating bath gel to get rid of the dead cellular build up on the skin.

Make sure that you are using gentle circular strokes without creating any abrasion in the skin. This will help in loosing up the hair follicles that will be waxed. Post shower, make it a habit to moisturize your skin well to keep it hydrated.

Besides skincare, try to keep yourself hydrated from within by drinking lots of fluids and eating a rich nutrient diet. If you are out in the day time or performing strenuous workouts, ensure that you feel healthy from within.

Throw Away the Razors

By now, you must know the fact that razors are not your savior when you decide to switch to waxing. Just toss your razors in the trash and never grab one even when you are feeling tempted. Using a razor will shorten the length of the hair, and that will not work well with the waxing process. This is one of the key waxing tips for the bikini area to not shave before waxing.

Waxing works by gripping on the length of the hair and removes it from the roots. So, you need your hair to grow out for waxing actually to work. Also, do not use the razor in between your waxing session while your hair is still growing. Another waxing tip for beginners is to be a little patient while trying to grow your hair for waxing.

Exfoliate Rituals

Now, exfoliation is not just a one-time thing to do before waxing. You have to inculcate its habit in your shower routine to reap its benefits. Use a gentle exfoliating cream on the waxed areas after three to four days of the process. This will help your skin stay clean and prevent the dead skin from accumulating.

Exfoliation will also promote the blood circulation in your body and help your skin look healthier over time. You can also try methods like dry brushing on your skin to promote the lymph drainage from the system.

Relax and Be Gentle

While waxing, feel relaxed and be careful as much as you can. The method is not painful with the easy-to-work wax from Mello Beauty Strawberry Hard Wax Beans by Mello Beauty. When you are working with the wax, cover small areas at a time, ensuring the skin is tight while pulling. Apply pressure with your hand on the area post-waxing to relieve any discomfort.

Cool It Down

After you are done waxing, your skin needs to chill to return to a calm state. You can promote this by applying cold compression to the skin to prevent any redness and swelling. Moreover, a cold shower will also help your skin to feel relaxed and close the follicles.

Avoid any kind of exercise or physical activity post-waxing, and give your skin time to breathe. These waxing tips for sensitive skin will work in preventing any hives reaction to waxing as well.

Right Time

It is important to schedule your waxing when you expect your hair to be at a minimum of one-centimeter length. Meanwhile, if you are on your period or are PMSing, avoid waxing as your skin will be more sensitive at that time. You can use these waxing tips and little know-how about when not to wax to enjoy a hair-free body consistently.

Be Regular

Waxing does reduce the coarseness of your hair with time, but you still need to be regular with it. Your body will stay hairless for up to four weeks post waxing depending upon the waxed area. See that you are keeping up with the process and acting patient while growing the hair for waxing.

Caring for Ingrown hair

Sometimes hair removal can lead to ingrown hair on the body no matter what waxing method you follow. Do not feel tempted to pick on your ingrown hair. You may damage your skin and cause inflammation. This can even lead to skin infections, which are not a pretty sight.

Use calming body lotions and exfoliation to reduce the ingrown hair. One other tip for maintaining your skin is never to forget to use sunscreen. It will prevent your skin from burning under the harsh sun and protect it from the harmful UV rays.

Now, enjoy your smooth skin keeping these waxing tips in mind. While waxing at home ensure that you follow a proper technique and practice good hygiene. You will be all ready to rock the summers with your butter-like skin.