Underarm Wax | DO's and DONT'S

Are you looking to wax your underarms? It may seem overwhelming due to the immense pain attached to it, but waxing your underarms will keep you smooth for weeks. To clear your doubts, you need to assess the pros and cons of the hair removal method. We have listed some things that you should know about underarm wax and what you should avoid. Meanwhile, learn how to take care of your skin after waxing underarms and other areas.

Now, you may feel that you can always shave it off without feeling any pain. However, the growth will be quicker and require maintenance every single day. Think about the shaving burns and bumps in such a sensitive area if you are still not convinced. Keep on reading how underarms wax will prove to be an excellent grooming switch.

How long does underarm waxing last?

Well, the answer to this will vary on an individual’s growth pattern. Your underarm wax may last from two to four weeks and require a touch-up. The new growth will reduce with consecutive wax sessions and will be easier to keep up with. This is one of the best underarm waxing benefits. You can enjoy the freedom to wear whatever you want without grabbing a razor in a hurry.

If you are wondering how to wax underarms, you need to practice waxing on other areas first. This will ensure that you are familiar with the pulling motion and how to tighten the skin. Consider a hard wax like Rainbow Hard Wax Bundle that does not need cloth strips. Hard wax is the best wax for underarms as it removes the hair without pulling on the skin. Additionally, get a wax warmer that will make heating the wax convenient for you.

DO’s of Underarm Waxing

Keep these do’s in your mind for everlasting smoothness in your underarms.

Let it Grow

For the wax to work and pull out the hair, it needs to grip on the hair. This requires your armpit hair to be a few millimeters long. If you are waxing for the first time, ensure that the hair is cut to one by a fourth of an inch. This will make waxing comfortable and less painful for you.

Regular Exfoliation

You can use a loofah or a bath glove to scrub your underarms gently. This will help in removing any sweat and dead skin cells from the skin. Inculcate a habit of exfoliating your skin twice or thrice in a week to keep it hydrated. You can also use a walnut shell exfoliating cream in circular motions to prevent the dead cell accumulation.

Wash and Pat Dry

Before waxing, your armpits should be clean and free from any sweat. Wash your armpits with a cleanser and pat dry it with a towel. If you feel your skin is still sticky, you can use some blotting sheets to dry it. Avoid the use of oils and moisturizers before waxing your skin.

Follow the Growth

Your underarm hair can grow in different directions, including sideways, upwards, and downwards. The hair will need to be removed in sections. Make sure you apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and pull it away. Pick small areas at a time and press it down after the hair removal. The pressure will relieve the discomfort and pain from the area.

Post Underarm Wax Care

Use wipes or wash your skin to remove any waxy residue. Avoid using a harsh cleanser and hot water over the waxed area. Your skin needs to calm down after waxing for the hair follicles to close.

You can do this by applying a cold compress to the underarm area using an ice cube in a towel. Do it for about ten to twenty minutes twice or thrice a day. You may also apply aloe vera gel to moisturize the skin.

Steer clear of these Underarm Wax DON'TS

Keep these don’ts in your mind to have an irritation-free underarm wax.

Not for the Sensitive Skin

If you are waxing your skin for the first time, you must do a patch test and see if your skin is fine after 24 hours. You can proceed with the underarm wax post this test. Waxing is not recommended if your skin has rashes, sunburns, acne, or any recent scars.

Also, ensure if you are on some blood-thinning medication and the effects on the level of pain. One other recommendation is to avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol before waxing as your skin may become more sensitive. This will prevent any inflammation that may trigger the process of waxing.

Don’t Double up

Do not wax the same area again and again in one waxing session. This can cause your skin to become inflamed and sensitized. If you see a few stray hairs, you can use tweezers to remove them.

Keep it Breezy

Wear light fabrics like cotton right after you wax. This will ensure skin is fresh and breezy. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes as they can constrict the sweat in one place and breed bacteria. Make sure that you skip working out or any other strenuous activity for a day so that your skin can recover.

Avoid Perfumes

Applying perfume or any other alcohol-based product on waxed skin may lead to burning sensations. Moreover, it can irritate the hair follicles.

Hopefully, these underarm wax do’s and don’ts will help you achieve a smooth waxing experience along with smooth underarms.