Trying Hard Wax at Home? Here’s All You Need to Know!

Trying Hard Wax at Home? Here’s All You Need to Know!

Let’s admit! Hard waxing from salons is a pricy affair for many of us. But instead of ditching the hard wax altogether, why not try hard wax at home? It's lesser expensive, yet equally effective. And if you are worried that you’ll be able to handle it or not, no worries. We are here to help. This post will answer most of your queries.

There are no Lengthy Issues!

Small, medium or large, hard wax is suitable for all hair lengths. When using Hard wax at home, rest assured that you don't need to wait for the hair to grow to the perfect length. And that’s because hard wax gets a perfect grip on all kinds of hairs, from the tiny cuties to the stubborn and coarse brutes. So you can use it anywhere on the body, from head to toe, whenever you feel like.

Watch and Learn

There’s no better way to learn than explore hard waxing videos on the internet. Especially, you must note the motion of application and removal. The amount of area it is applied on and the approximate time required for it to stay etc.

Collect the Stuff

Keep all the stuff ready beforehand, as you won’t get the chance to move around once you start warming the wax. Important boxes to check are - hard wax beans, wax warmer, applicator, etc. You will have to buy these from the market, or a better option is to buy them from an online store like Mello Beauty. Additional stuff that you will need is sheets to spread below, in case of a wax drip or spill (you never know!). Or some other products like a skin serum, lotion, body scrub, etc before you start with your hard wax at home procedure.

To Exfoliate or Not to Exfoliate?

Once you have made up the mind that ‘tis the day’, there’s probably a question popping in your head, which is to exfoliate or not to exfoliate. Normally, those who suggest exfoliation, claim that it opens up pores which makes body hair loosen some grip over the skin, making them less painful to remove while waxing. They are right, but here’s a point of caution! Hard wax beans are made from resins, which are oil soluble. So when you apply hard wax at home, your skin’s natural oil will help the wax get the right grip over the hair and not the skin. In case you get a bath or exfoliate immediately before waxing, the hard wax will not give you the best results. Though, exfoliating your skin a day or two before will be absolutely fine.

Prepare the Set

Being battle ready is a must! But jokes apart, you must have all the tools and stuff ready on a desk, washroom or wherever you want to wax. Firstly, space must be clean and clear. Secondly, place everything you need for hard wax at home, like hard wax beans, wax warmer, etc, right in front. And once you are ready, you are good to go.

Set the Right Tempo

Before applying hard wax at home, it's supposed to be heated. Everyone knows that, but you might not be sure of the right temperature. Too hot might give you a burn, while too cold might not even stick to your skin properly. To just give an idea to the first-timers, hard wax is somewhat warm in comparison to the soft wax. You can also get an idea of the temperature from its consistency of the wax, which is slightly thicker than soft wax. In fact, it’s consistency must be similar to that of molasses or golden syrup.

Try and Test

It’s important that you try a small patch of hard wax before you go full body. Ideally, try it on the leg, so that even in the worst case, you won’t have to deal with any awkward marks on your arm or face. Moreover, you will also get an idea of the right temperature that your skin can bear and at which the wax can also work. And, in case of any burns, you must already have some sort of ice pack or water source ready to calm the burn immediately. And if all goes well, go ahead. And if not mentioned earlier, you can reapply hard wax any number of times, unlike soft wax, and it won’t harm your skin.

Pamper Yourself

Once done with hard wax at home, there's a little more than you have to deal with - Yourself. Pamper yourself with a nice body lotion, serum or moisturizer. Though it’s not much needed after a hard wax, you can still go ahead for some tender skin recipes, because your skin did lose some hair, from their follicles. You can also go for some icing to sooth and tighten the skin.

Clean up the Crime Scene

Hygiene is another factor you need to be cautious of before, during and after the wax at home session. So clean up your space, wax warmer, applicators and other leftovers. Wash the wax warmer properly and make sure that it's free of any wax residue. You can use baby oil to remover hard wax residues from your skin, container, etc.

What’s Next?

Enjoy your hair free smooth skin! It’s the beach season after all! Just maintain your skin hygiene, use sunscreens and love yourself.

Wish you have a lovely experience of using hard wax at home!