Top 7 Spring Beauty Trends by Mello for 2020

Top 7 Spring Beauty Trends by Mello for 2020

While it has been one of the most historical transition from winter to spring and we all are stuck at home, I am back with this year’s spring beauty trends! Even though we cannot go out, we can still take some time and make the best use of it by knowing some of the best beauty trends for spring. For those who love makeup and skincare, this is the perfect way to stay connected with the outer world. Create these looks and share them with your friends and family. Trust me; these makeup trends are super fun to recreate!

#1. A Pretty Pink Cheek Tint

beauty trends for spring

Cheek tints are super essential if we talk about spring/summer beauty trends. The reason? Well, because your skin isn’t as flushed as it is in winters! Therefore, after perfecting your make-up, take a brush and apply the right amount of pink tint to your cheeks for that rosy look. You can never go wrong with this one, no matter what occasion it is.

To make sure your makeup stays in place and doesn’t get flaky with time, use Mello’s Ultrasonic Face Cleanser. The vibrations get deep down to the layers of the skin and help clean the face in the most amazing way for maximum glow!

#2. Bold Eye Makeup

spring summer beauty trends 2020

You must have seen different tutorials and several eye makeup looks. But this one right here is entirely different and mind-blowing! It is perfect for a spring party look where you want to bring out your ferocious side. Take a golden eye shadow and use it as a base. With the perfect maroon eyeshade, apply it all over your eyelid. Apply it further towards the brow ridge. Now take a blue/green eye shadow and use it on the corner of the eyes. Finish off with mascara and you are good to go!

For your eyes to look fresh and to prevent you from looking like a zombie, make use of Mello’s Rose Quartz Face Roller. It glides superbly on the face and helps you get the most radiant look every time.

#3. Coral Lips

spring beauty trends 2020

We know that a glam look is never complete without a perfect shade of lipstick. This time around, I am suggesting you wear a beautiful coral color lipstick to enhance your look. The color suits every skin type and makes you look even very special. It is one of the most searched and best beauty trends for spring 2020.

Use this time to invest in a proper skincare routine and learn how to receive facial glow at home!

#4. Beautify Your Eyes With Mascara

beauty trends for spring 2020

When you apply mascara, your eyes look absolutely gorgeous, even without any makeup. I swear by this one product, and it is always in my bag, no matter where I go. Therefore, it has made to the list of spring beauty trends 2020.

Even on the days, when it is sweating hot, and you do not feel like applying any heavy makeup, mascara comes to the rescue!

#5. White Nail Paint

spring beauty trends

White nail paint looks great and has become very popular with spring/summer looks. It makes your hands look really pretty and elegant. Therefore, whenever you feel like putting a color on your nails, white is the perfect choice!

#6. Bold Eyebrows for Every Look

spring beauty trends

Channelize your inner Cara Delevingne with bold eyebrows and stand out of the crowd. Well, technically you are standing out of the crowd, and we are proud of it! Now to get this look, first of all, you need to make sure that your eyebrows are neatly done. Even if they are thin, the right amount of eyebrow gel or powder can help you achieve a great look.

To help your eyebrows get the perfect shape, use Mello’s Laser Hair Removal Handset. Its precision makes sure your eyebrows look great.

#7. Metallic Makeup Look

spring beauty trends

Metallic makeup never goes out of style. It has been acing the game for decades and is here to stay, that’s for sure! Therefore, this look should be tried whenever you feel like you need some fun while you are in your house.

Take help from Mello’s LED Facemask and achieve the best results if you are looking for a radiant and glowing skin.

With “Bored in the House” constantly playing in the background, we sure are bored in the house! It seems like it has been ages since we have had fun. But wait! I thought a lot about how to make quarantine a little less miserable and got the perfect idea of sharing the ultimate spring beauty trends! So what we can’t go out at a party? The show must go on! Let’s have a look at the best spring summer beauty trends 2020 and try them at home itself!

With the spread of coronavirus, everyone’s lives have come to a standstill. Therefore, it is time to focus on the positive things around you and keep the world in your prayers. We are in this together and we can surely come out stronger than before!

Also, on Thursday, I shall be focusing on the top secrets to looking your best, even at home. So, don’t miss out!