Top 5 Myths about Stretch Mark Removal and How to Treat Them

Top 5 Myths about Stretch Mark Removal and How to Treat Them

If you are someone who hesitates wearing short shorts and even sleeveless top, then you’d be pretty much aware of what I am about to tell you. Striae, commonly known as stretch marks, are legit the most stubborn marks on different parts of the body - this includes thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, and breasts. They appear as thin, linear skin that may appear during pregnancy or the onset of puberty. However, unpleasant these marks look; they are a sign that your body has grown over a certain period.

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I know growth can bring about different changes in your body; however, embracing these changes should be your topmost priority - Self Love Baby!

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But this shouldn’t stop you from digging further deep and find a way to get rid of them, although, no treatment has been developed as of now - meaning there isn’t much you can do to get rid of them permanently. However, frequent massage sessions, moisturizers, and microdermabrasion may help to reduce their appearance. However, if you are tired of these patches on your body and it is interfering with your peace of mind, you can even opt for surgery for stretch mark removal. Also, the stretch mark removal cost majorly depends on the severity of the case. So, get ready to spend a good amount of money on these treatments.

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Well, it is pretty common for people to search for DIY stretch mark removal techniques on the internet but try not to fall prey since there are many myths about stretch mark removal. Now, as someone who herself has stretch marks on her body, I felt like I must burst some common stretch mark removal myths! Here we go.

Myth #1. Stretch Marks are a Sign of Gaining Weight

Nope! It is incorrect. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh stretch marks come for everyone - whether you are young, old, man, woman, active or lazy. From the medical perspective, stretch marks occur when your skin is forced to stretch and turn thin. It doesn’t necessarily mean gaining weight! Thinning of the skin exposes a deeper layer with narrow tears that range from red to purple to white.

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Growth spurts during puberty and pregnancy are the two leading causes of stretch marks. That is to say; stretch marks come from the changes in the bodies that everybody goes through at some point in time.

Myth #2. Drinking water can prevent the Formation of Stretch marks or Eliminate them

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Staying hydrated is great for the overall appearance of the skin, and there is no direct correlation between water and stretch marks. Various beauty experts believe and suggest that people should consider drinking an appropriate amount of water every day and consider it as a part of their skincare routine.

Myth #3: Nutrient-rich Diet can Eliminate Stretch marks

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No quantity of nutrient-rich food can prevent or eliminate the appearance of stretch marks on a person’s body. The growth of our body is a physical change that cannot be altered by eating a certain diet. Similarly, a stretch mark is a physical change that sure cannot be altered by eating nutritious food. However, eating healthy and nutritious food may help you improve the overall quality of your skin.

Myth #4. Stretch marks only Affect Women

Stretch marks naturally occur after pregnancy and are believed to affect women only. Around 90% of women exhibit the signs of stretch marks between the sixth and the seventh month. However, men also get stretch marks - this is normally due to therapies or weight shift.

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These marks develop when the fiber underneath the skin - elastin, breaks due to rapid stretching of the skin. Therefore, besides pregnancy, these are other reasons why stretch marks can show - like puberty and sudden weight gain or loss.

Myth #5. Stretch marks Occur Due to Stretching of the Skin

Even though stretching is the most common reason for developing stretch marks, it isn’t the only reason for their occurrence. Hormonal factors also tend to decrease the formation of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. It results in the inability of the skin to withstand forces related to stretching of the skin. Another reason can be the increased production of glucocorticoids.

Treating Stretch marks

Stretch marks can be seen in both men and women. Getting naturally rid of them isn’t possible since they rarely fade to become invisible. However, there are some methods that can help stretch marks to fade quickly by minimizing their appearance. Read on to know more.

#1. Exfoliation

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Exfoliation is a simple stretch mark removal treatment that helps remove excess dead skin from the body and also the skin from your stretch marks. For a better experience, use Mello’s Rose Quartz Face Roller on these marks. Its healing properties will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

You can try exfoliating besides using other treatment methods to enhance your results. This will help other skin treatments to penetrate more deeply and work faster.

#2. Microneedling

Microneedling also is known as Collagen Induction Therapy, directly targets the dermis, exactly where stretch marks form. In this procedure, needles are used to puncture the middle layer of your skin to trigger the production of collagen. The increased production of elastin and collagen promotes skin regeneration and hence improve your skin’s appearance to reduce stretch marks.

To treat stretch marks effectively, you will have to participate in a couple of treatments over the course of duration. It is known to be an effective treatment to reduce stretch marks, especially for patients with darker skin.

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Microneedling can be a pretty expensive procedure and also require a lot of time. Therefore, to get the best of this treatment, you can try Mello’s Needles Derma Roller - a safe way to induce the production of collagen and elastin right at your home.

#3. Topical Treatment

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, topical ointments and creams are the most affordable method. Some creams can be bought over-the-counter while others as prescribed.

If applied regularly, these creams can lighten the tone of stretch marks but not remove them completely. Some creams can trigger a reaction or may not be strong enough to treat your condition; therefore, make sure you discuss the risks with your doctor.

#4. Microdermabrasion

One of the most painless procedure to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is microdermabrasion. It targets epidermis - the upper layers of skin and works by stimulating the skin to tighten the elastin and collagen fibers.

Tiny exfoliating crystals are sprayed on the affection area, or a special tipped wand is rubbed in this procedure. Using a wand-like device, these tiny crystals are removed, which removes the dead skin from the epidermis layer. This procedure needs to be repeated over a period of time for better results.

There may be some repercussions after the procedure, and your skin may feel tight and dry.

Also, there may be some redness from exfoliation, which takes around 24 hours to heal.

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To ensure a painless procedure of stretch marks removal, you can try microdermabrasion at home with Mello’s Microdermabrasion System. It is less expensive than regular professional treatment and takes very little time to recover as well. Here is a guide that will let you know about microdermabrasion at home.

All the beauty mantras that I share with you are my experiments with different products. I hope these tips and tricks help you find solutions related to your beauty and wellness. Stay tuned because I will be back with some more of these exciting blogs to ensure you get rid of any beauty woes!