Tips for Waxing Facial Hair at Home for Zero Irritation

Do you want your face to look smoother and have a flawless makeup application? Facial hair and peach fuzz is a debatable area when it comes to removing it. Getting your facial hair removed can be scary, but the results are worth the pain and discomfort. It takes patience and tactfulness to remove facial hair at home. So, we have enlisted some great Tips for Waxing Facial Hair at Home for you to brave the process.

For long-lasting results, waxing hair from its roots is the only option. Besides, the subsequent growth and texture of hair diminish over time with waxing. This makes waxing to be bearable and easy to keep up with it. Now, if you are doubtful about waxing your face, the process is not that intimidating.

Moreover, if waxing is done right with good products like Rainbow Hard Wax Bundle, the results will be considerably wonderful. Taking care of your skin in between the waxing session and post-waxing is another aspect of making your face look healthy and glowing.

Is Waxing Facial hair safe?

Gone are the days when the waxing face was full of pain and irritation after it. There are products like wax strips and hard wax available in the market to make waxing easier. If you are waxing at home for the first time, it is wise to invest in products like Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty. Hard wax is relatively easier to maneuver, and the technique is quite simple, even for beginners.

If you consider the safety aspect of it, the right method and post-wax care are some of the major tips for waxing facial hair at home. It cannot be stressed enough to maintain hygiene and follow the right steps to achieve satisfactory results. Before proceeding with waxing learn the difference between sensitive skin and sensitized skin.

And don’t worry about the pain, hard wax pulls hair without tugging on the skin too much. The pain is temporary and can be calmed down using cold compresses. We have listed some tips on waxing facial hair at home to manage it like a pro.

Exfoliate Religiously

Exfoliation is the method of removal of dead skin cells that accumulate over the surface. This layer of skin cells can make your face look dull and result in more oil production. So, you should exfoliate your face regardless of the method of hair removal you pick. Regular exfoliation will increase the blood flow of your skin and increase collagen production.

Exfoliating your face will get rid of excess sebum and dirt from your face. This will help in preparing your face for waxing. Ensure that you exfoliate your face with a gentle exfoliating cream a night before you plan on waxing. The hair will come off easier and leave your skin looking smooth. Avoid the use of chemical exfoliants as that can make your skin unfit for waxing.

No Experiment with Shaving

Even if you feel tempted to get rid of facial hair quickly, never make the mistake of doing it with a razor. Your hair growth will increase and result in coarser hair over time.

This is something that you may regret doing. You should stick to waxing when it comes to the removal of facial hair for substantial results.

Temperature Check

One of the most critical facial hair waxing tips is to see what temperature of the wax is bearable for your face. It is recommended to use a low heated wax instead of the one that requires vigorous heating to melt. This will reduce the chances of developing a reaction to waxing.

Always consider doing a tiny patch test before proceeding to wax your whole face. You can get familiar with the technique this way and learn how your skin recovers from waxing. Use products that are meant for your face and suitable for your skin type. Avoid waxing your face if your skin is sunburnt or healing from acne.

Right Products and Technique

When you are waxing your face at home on your own, it is necessary to understand how the process works. These facial hair removal waxing tips recommend following the process with small strips of wax. Choose the areas that have maximum hair strength and proceed to lesser ones.

Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth in a uniform width. Firmly tap on the hard wax and pull it from one corner against the direction of the hair growth. If you have any stray hair left, you may go over them once more in the end. But do not repeat the process more than that, or your skin will be inflamed.

While waxing, make sure you use clean products, and your hands are clean before proceeding. Also, ensure that your face is dry, and there is no trace of moisture present. You can use a blotting paper to remove any oil buildup from your face.

Waxing After Care

After you are done removing your facial hair, remove the leftover wax using a wax oil. You can also use a warm washcloth or hand towel to get rid of the extra wax. Do not use any harsh cleanser as it can make your skin feel dry. Apply a soothing moisturizer or aloe vera gel to your face to calm down from waxing.

Skip using any chemical filler toner to prevent the skin from reacting. You can use rose water to tone your skin for upcoming days post waxing. Also, wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50 if you plan on stepping out in the sun. You can wear a hat to avoid the damaging heat from the sun.

With these tips for waxing hair at home, you will save up from going to an aesthetician for hair removal. You will have hair-free skin with a smooth texture for days and enjoy looking gorgeous all the time.