The Truth About Laser Hair Removal... And Why It's Okay To Do It

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal... And Why It's Okay To Do It

You might already be an avid salon goer for the past I-don’t-know-how-long-already just to get your hair removal done. At this point you might actually think it’s high time you find a more permanent -- if not longer -- lasting hair removal treatment.

I’m sure you have been considering going for a hair laser removal, too.

Then again, you can’t be fully confident about it since it’s your first time. So here are some truths about laser hair removal and why it is okay to consider it.

Firstly, what is this laser hair removal treatment and how does it work? This process uses light beams that targets pigmentation and weakens the roots. So to say, the light beams go for the pigmentation of the hair which tells it that hair growth comes from that area. With this said you might worry what if you have a dark skin tone and will it remove my hair as well. Don’t worry, there are different types of lasers for all skin types and hair colors available! Though historically more effective on light skin tones, we suggest you go to a reputable clinic for a laser hair removal consultation. Investment is key, people.

"It's just permanent hair reduction and not hair removal."

Again, investing in laser hair removal isn’t that cheap. It will basically require you 4 to 6 sessions for hair to really not show up. So, you need to be financially prepared for this. However, after those sessions, you can truly save yourself from coming back each month to hair salons like you used to.

Now, will laser hair removal treatment really rid your hair permanently? We say, NOT. It's just permanent hair reduction and not hair removal. So to say, it reduces hair growth in the long run that you can see less to no more hair growth in the future. At some cases re-treatment roughly once a year is needed since hormonal changes are present. But that’s not always the case.

Does it harm you in any way? Post-laser down time will surely be present. That would be casual discomfort and burning sensation on the first 48 hours. But other than that it’s pretty much safe if done correctly. The only alarming thing would be causing damage to the eyes because of the light beam. However, that’s the main reason why both the doctor and the patient wears protective googles during treatment.

One question is, is it worth the try? Yes it might be. For you who wants to save yourself from coming back and forth to salons or even doing waxing yourself. It might also save you money in the future. The fact that it reduces the hair growth to none gives you more savings (depends, really) and it won’t eat up your time in the future.

So, are you pro laser or meh?