The Science-Backed Benefit of Rose Quartz Rollers

The Science-Backed Benefit of Rose Quartz Rollers

Ever wonder how beauty gurus’ skin shows radiance and glow every time they pop up on your screen? Well, their secret is not so secret anymore. The ultimate Crystal of Venus, better known as Rose Quartz is the one and only answer! It purifies the heart chakra and heals the inner complexities. Apart from that, this healing stone reduces and releases impurities from the skin. It helps to detox the negative energy and also softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Make sure you are always ahead of your beauty game using Mello’s Rose Quartz Roller.

Here is everything to need to know about this amazing healing crystal.

How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller?

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While you might want to use this Rose Quartz roller for face roller whenever you feel like, this technique may not provide you with the best results. It means that there are different ways to use a roller. One of the ways is to move it in a gentle downward movement. This stimulates the lymphatic drainage and helps in detoxifying it. Another way to use the roller is in a more vigorous upward movement. It rejuvenates the skin and also increases blood circulation. Both these methods are great if you want to achieve a skin texture that looks radiant and flawless. Written below are the benefits of using a Rose Quartz roller in both downward and upward movements.

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Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

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As mentioned above, there are two best ways to use a Rose Quartz roller on the skin. While you may not be sure if both the ways work differently or not, I would like to explain a bit about the benefits.

Benefits of Downward Movement | Detoxify

#1. Calms inflammation

#2. Stimulates detoxification

#3. Reduces puffiness

#4. Helps products to penetrate deep into the skin

#5. Induces lymphatic drainage

Rose Quartz Roller - How to Use for Detoxifying?

#1. Start using the roller from the base of your neck. Roll it down gently from ear to the collarbone. Repeat at least three times before moving towards the other section.

#2. Move towards the center of the chin to the hairline. Drain the lymph by rolling down the side of your collarbone. Repeat step three-time.

#3. Use the smaller end of the roller on the under the eye area. Roll it at least thrice from the nose up to the end of the brow. On the last stroke move the roller in a downward movement right up to the collarbone.

#4. In the end, roll from the center of your forehead towards the side of your face and then the collarbone.

For those who are worried about lost elasticity in their facial skin, stay tuned for the next blog on high-frequency facials to tighten the skin.

Benefits of Upward Movement | Rejuvenation/Circulation

#1. Boosts blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin

#2. Plumps up the skin

#3. Brightens the color complexion

#4. Reduces wrinkles

#5. Tightens the skin pores

Rose Quartz Roller - How to Use for Rejuvenation?

#1. Move the roller from the base of the neck towards the jawline in an upward motion. The pressure should be between medium to firm. Repeat this step for at least 5-10 times before you move the other section and reach the center of your neck.

#2. Roll from your chin towards your ear covering the jawline in firm motions. Do this at least 5-10 times.

#3. Work up the face by moving to the center of your chin towards the under-eye area. You will have to repeat the step around 5-10 times.

#4. Move towards the forehead and roll it from your brow towards the hairline in an upward motion.

What Does Science Say about Rose Quartz Roller?

rose quartz roller benefits

While there are very few scientific studies that prove if a roller actually helps the skin reverse the process of aging, however, there is evidence that it helps to treat puffiness, tired skin, and fine lines. In addition to that, it also helps to promote elasticity and firmness.

When you use Rose Quartz roller and serum, it helps the product penetrate right into the skin’s pore for a much greater effect. It comes with dual ends and helps you achieve a more refreshed look whenever you use it. The delicate area around the eyes should be treated with the smaller end to reduce puffiness. Not only this, gliding this healing crystal on your face helps reduce redness and inflammation.

Before you use a Rose Quartz roller, make sure your skin is all cleansed and clean. Use Mello’s Ultrasonic Face Cleanser. It cleans the pore and makes your skin look effortlessly beautiful.

No matter what is your age, incorporating this wonderful crystal in your beauty routine will help you achieve clearer skin. Apart from that, you will also notice a difference in your skin’s texture. Get this pretty pink tool and roll your skin problems away!