Your Easy Guide to Laser IPL Therapy: The Pros VS The Cons

Your Easy Guide to Laser IPL Therapy: The Pros VS The Cons

Hair removal has always been a topic that most people talk about. There are a lot of ways to remove hair like waxing, plucking, shaving, and now lasers have made their way into the list of most popular ways of taking care of your unwanted hair. If you aren't aware of it yet, IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is a popular treatment in the hair removal game nowadays. This treatment uses light to target hair follicles which eventually removes them. IPL, however, doesn’t completely rid your skin of hairs, it only reduces the growth of hair. You might still be doubtful about the IPL therapy, so allow us to give you this easy guide about the pros and cons of this laser-based therapy.


As mentioned, IPL cannot completely get rid of your hair. However, it can drastically lessen the growth of your hair follicles, giving you the chance to save yourself the stress of removing growing hairs (and that expensive salon trip). Plus, IPL is less painful. True enough, it is less painful compared to waxing. Though there is still discomfort when you do the IPL treatment as a newbie. It can be performed anywhere in the body; you don’t need to worry about the therapy not being able to reach those areas you would want to clear unwanted hair of like your peach fuzz. The main pro? You're gonna be hair-free for the next 2-3 months and it's cost-effective, too! What more could you ask for?


IPL therapy might not go well with other skin color. Since it is the hair pigment that the light catches in order for it to hit the roots, there has to be high contrast between the skin color and the hair color. Most of the time, IPL therapy would have a hard time working on darker skin color since hair follicles would tend to be dark in color as well. One session could be relatively expensive if you opt for a salon treatment. Meanwhile, waxing and other hair removal therapies can cost less but IPL can be extra expensive if you're of color. Luckily, there are new generation & portable IPL devices that you can conveniently use at home! Check out the all-new Mello IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset here >>>