The Must Have Bikini Waxing At Home Kit

If you are looking for a long-lasting hair removal method for your bikini region, then throw away your razors. There’s only one method that will keep your bikini area hair-free for long, and that is waxing. The process of waxing pulls the hair from the roots and delays hair growth. Getting a bikini wax can be uncomfortable for a lot of women. So, you may want to invest in a bikini waxing at home kit for a flawless bikini area.

Unlike using hair removal creams or shaving, waxing does not leave the hair to grow quickly as it does not just cut the hair from the top. You may need to prep your skin before waxing, including exfoliating supplies in your Brazilian waxing at home kit. Besides, if it is your first time, you may work in small sections and take your time while waxing.

What to include in bikini waxing at home kit?

For your waxing kit at home, you will need a good quality wax to take off all the deep-rooted hair. There are several waxes, such as sugar wax, liposoluble wax, and hard wax. We recommend using Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty, which does not need wax strips to pull the wax off. The wax is suitable for any skin type and any hair length. Besides, it hardens after application, so you don’t need to wait for a long time to pull the hair off.

The hardened wax is easy to pull off without the hassle of sticking additional cloth strips to your hair. Besides, you will require a trusty Wax Warmer by Mello Beauty to melt your wax to the right temperature. It is important to use warm wax instead of burning yourself with hot wax. No one would want to experience a burn down there.

To keep the supplies running, you may invest in Rainbow Hard Wax Bundle to have backups for this easy-to-use wax. This will make your waxing hassle-free experience contrary to popular belief of it being a pain to go through. When waxing from home, try to practice the waxing process on less sensitive parts like legs first to get familiar with the discomfort. This will prep you for bikini waxing.

Ideally, a good bikini wax kit will last you a long time for the effortless hair-free feeling. Here is why waxing is better and affordable than laser treatment if you still feel skeptical about putting in efforts into waxing at home.

Waxing At Home Tips

Clean and Exfoliate

This is no brainer to shower and clean yourself before attempting to wax. Exfoliate your bikini area a day or two before the day you decide to wax. This will remove any dead cells and looser up the hair follicles to wax easily.

While exfoliating, you gentle circular movements with fingers across all areas. Use a non-abrasive scrub as the skin is very sensitive in your bikini region. Moreover, washing it off with warm water will help in preparing the skin and hair for waxing. Avoid the use of lotions and oils before waxing, or it will not work well due to the wax break down.

Applying Wax

You may use baby powder to absorb any oils from the skin right before waxing. Apply the wax over the clean and dry area in the direction of the hair growth. Pull this hardened wax with one swift motion and confidence.

You may experience more pain if you delay pulling the wax strip or pull it halfway through. If you see any stray hair, avoid waxing it again and again as it may cause more pain. By the end of waxing, you can use a tweezer to get rid of these stray hairs.

Trim Your Hair

If this is your first time, trim your hair to a smaller length. The longer length of hair will be harder to pull and cause more discomfort. This is ideal to do a day before you decide to wax to reduce the time when actually waxing.

Narrow Down a Style

This may come after the first few successful attempts. There are so many styles and shapes to wax your hair. You may choose to leave a patch of hair in the shape of a heart, triangle, circle, or rectangle.

Prepare for the Pain

Relax with some funny show or soothing music to distract your mind from the pain. You may even take a painkiller twenty to thirty minutes before the waxing session to minimize the discomfort and pain. As the area is sensitive, it will pain when the hair is pulled from the roots. Besides, do not plan on waxing the week before or during the period. This may be even more painful due to the blood flow to the area and sensitivity towards the pain.

After Care

After you’re done waxing, clean the area with baby oil and warm water to get rid of ant leftover wax. Do not rub the area or use a harsh cleanser as your skin will be slightly inflamed after waxing. Moreover, wear loose clothes for your skin to breathe and heal quickly. The redness and swelling will go away overnight.

You may put a cold compression over the area to reduce the pain and apply aloe vera gel for soothing. Avoid using any fragrant products or oily moisturizers until the skin heals. Also, skip working out or hitting the pool right after waxing.

Staying calm and confident while waxing the sensitive bikini area is the key to smooth skin. With your bikini waxing at home kit, the whole process will be less messy and comfortable for you. Keep an eye for our next articles for all the skincare and hair removal information.