The How's And Why's Of DIY Brazilian Waxing

The How's And Why's Of DIY Brazilian Waxing

We all know that waxing can be positively liberating.

Being able to set yourself free from the unwanted hair growth that keeps on bothering you. While you can just freely go to salons and have your armpits and legs waxed like it’s nothing to be bothered about, having others work on your bikini area can be a little too embarrassing. Thus, here you go volunteering to do it yourself.

It's imperative to be aware of a few things to ensure your waxing session goes silky smooth.

So here are the HOWS and WHYS of DIY Brazilian waxing:

Exfoliate at least a week before waxing.

WHY? Like in any areas you would want to wax, exfoliating is pretty essential. This is to free the surface of any dead skin that might get caught on your pores and eventually cause ingrown hairs. It is also recommended that you exfoliate 2 days after waxing and every two days following it.

Trim your hair to a quarter inch length.

WHY? 1/4 inch is the suggested hair length for wax to grab on to and effectively be pulled out. If hair is too long, it can be more painful than how it is already. So mind you, a quarter inch would be the perfect length.

Heat wax to desired temperature.

Always check if temperature is correct. WHY? Well, it’s rule of thumb, ladies. You don’t want to get burns on your sensitive area, don’t you? Some products can be microwavable or even heated on a double boiler. But having a wax pot is the best solution. Just go and invest in one.

Apply wax in sections.

Let wax harden for about 15-25 seconds, or until it is not sticky. And repeat. Always have a bundle of applicators ready. DO NOT DOUBLE DIP... WHY? Again we are working on a sensitive area. In most cases your applicator is still clean as it was the first application, but for the Southern Hemisphere in particular we don’t want to risk it. So just don’t double dip.

After everything, finish off with a post waxing oil or cleanser.

WHY? Of course, we should always start clean and finish clean. Always think that sanitary measures are the top priority.

Keeping these in mind, I’m sure you won’t have any problems waxing on your own. Discover what works best for you and what does not.