The Do's and Don'ts of Eye Exfoliation

You may exfoliate your skin regularly and expect your skin to look pore less; however, the skin around the eyes is often neglected. The usual exfoliating products are harsh for such a delicate area. So, you may need a different approach for eye exfoliation. Besides, you may be wondering if eye exfoliation is necessary.

Well, the skin around the eyes is quite thin, and it does not have the same regeneration power as other areas. As a result, it is more susceptible to lines and flakiness. Moreover, the skin under the eyes may also have issues such as whiteheads and milia. Once these issues start arising, there is no turning back of the clock.

You may need peels and chemical exfoliation along with dermatologist visits to fix eye skin problems. So, it is ideal to gently exfoliate your skin for a smooth and younger-looking under eye area. One other benefit of eye exfoliation is the increase in collagen and elasticity in the skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and bouncier.

To prevent lines around your eyes, watch your expressions and stay hydrated. Besides, get those eight hours of Z’s. You may pick light chemicals and gentle exfoliants such as glycolic acid and ground oatmeal to scrub gently under the eyes. Oatmeal is nourishing and less abrasive in comparison to walnut or any other scrub. Keep on reading the blog to learn more dos and don'ts.

Different ways to manage eye exfoliation

As you already know how delicate the skin around the eyes is. Therefore, you cannot use strong abrasive chemicals and exfoliating creams. A gentle approach works better in exfoliating such areas. We have listed some ways to improve the texture around the eye.


Use Eye Masks to Soothe the Skin

Eye masks may be a great solution to manage the dry spots under the eye and provide some hydration. A good eye mask is saturated with solutions and active ingredients that work on the skin. They have a targeted effect on the skin and help in regeneration. Moreover, eye masks help in relaxing your eyes from stress and fatigue.

You may use cucumber slices as an eye mask or purchase eye patches that are rich with treatment solutions. Ensure that you keep these over your eyes for a few minutes and then gently massage the serum onto the skin.

Eye Creams and Plumping Moisturizers

Your eyes are the first giveaway of dry and dehydrated skin. To get rid of the dry patch of skin under the eye, you need to invest in good eye creams and plumping moisturizers. You may pick a cream with AHAs and vitamin C to brighten the under-eye areas. This may resolve the dark circles and raccoon eyes from too little sleep or too much time Netflixing.

Moreover, you may apply retinoic acid in the mild form to stimulate collagen and elasticity under the eyes. Try to limit alcohol consumption and quit smoking to have clear skin. Besides, eat a healthy, vitamin-rich diet for glowing skin. The lifestyle choices will make a day and night difference in your appearance.

How to care for sensitive skin under the eyes?

To care specifically for your eye area, use products that are specially formulated. Always go through the ingredients to see the composition and skip a product if you are allergic to some ingredient. Do not exfoliate over the lids as it may irritate the skin. Only workaround gently around the crow’s feet and under-eye surface. If you have acne-prone skin, learn the best way to manage acne along with milia issues.

Ensure that the delicate under-eye area is well nourished and does not feel irritated while exfoliating. Get an eye cream for sensitive skin so that the skin can repair itself. You may use Blemish Free Complex by Mello Beauty to get rid of the pores and spots around the eyes. Besides, choose a chemical exfoliant in the form of weak acids to encourage cell turnover.

Select products containing AHAs, BHAs, and glycolic acid to soften the wrinkles and prevent new ones from coming. Consult a dermatologist for milia that won't go away as it may require more potent chemicals to dissolve. You may use Bright Beauty Peeling Pads by Mello Beauty for a quick exfoliation with glycolic acid and mandelic acid. It is easy to use and effective in improving pore size on the skin. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized when using such treatments as it may become sensitized.

Furthermore, to prevent eye wrinkles, wear sunblock and sunglasses. Reduce your time in the sun or tanning beds as they may cause premature aging. Try to sleep on your back to prevent permanent sleep wrinkles around the eyes. Be regular with your skincare, and do not expect miracles within a day or two of use. The products take some time to work but are worth the efforts in the long run.

You may not see them, but dead skin cells build-up under the eyes and can dull out your complexion. With the right eye exfoliation techniques and products, you will have a smooth under-eye area. For a low-pressure application, use your ring finger to apply the eye products. Remember to be gentle and patient when working around the eyes.