The Broke Girl's Guide To An A-Lister Skincare Routine

The Broke Girl's Guide To An A-Lister Skincare Routine

We've all had our fair share of secretly wanting to be a model... because, really, who doesn't want to have flawless silky-smooth skin? It's a mystery how models seem to have it all, and one that we're truly envy of: glowing skin. So between jet-setting off to different cities, red carpet affairs and photoshoots, how do they maintain looking so good all the time? The answer might be an on-call esthetician or dermatologist... but what if we don't have access to that? In this post, we're sharing a few bits of advice on how to have an A-lister skincare routine on a broke girl's budget.

Tip #1: Do yoga.

If you're following your favourite model on social media, chances are you'll probably see them going for a quick yoga session. According to experts, yoga is the secret to one's glowing aura. The specific type is doing an inversion session where your legs are lifted above your head and the weight rests in your arms. This is a good skincare routine since it helps increase the blood flow and oxygen to the face, giving you that uber-healthy glow on a budget.

Tip #2: Ice your face.

Did you know that Victoria's Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes puts ice on her face before going to bed each night? No joke, ladies. In an interview with Into The Gloss, she says, "It keeps your pores really tight, and you wake up with a perfect complexion.” So if you're super tight on budget, just head to your nearest fridge and ice your face away. Or, you can also try a LED Light Therapy Mask for an optimal skincare experience for your face!

Tip #3: Let LED light treat your skin.

For jet-lagged Angels, a dose of LED Blue Light Therapy which penetrates the skin and stimulates collagen to heal it from the inside out, is essential for treating flare-ups and calming the skin. "Particularly for the models prone to breakouts, it's great for diminishing inflammation, as well as detoxifying the cells and brightening the skin," Model Facialist - Georgia Louise explains. "You can land off a plane, undergo the blue light therapy for eight minutes, and have an unbelievable glow." If you don't have the ka-ching to get to a dermatologist's office a couple times a week for a pro treatment, get yourself a Home LED light therapy mask to use from for zapping blemishes, as well as looking after your skin's overall health.

Tip #4: Salt your skin.

Want to know an insider secret that most A-listers do? Revitalize your skin with salt. Look no further than in your very own kitchen, ladies! According to celebs, soaking your skin in a tub full of water and salt helps get rid of all the toxins that builds up in your body after a long day of tiresome work. Plus, its an energy booster, too! Now you know that it's really not that expensive to take care of your skin. All you need are a few of your home essentials, a little bit of yoga time and you're good to go! PS: these tips are also perfect before your waxing sesh since it prepares your skin ahead of time.