The Best Winter Skincare Routine For Soft And Supple Skin

Best Winter Skincare Routine For Soft And Glowing Skin

Winter is coming!

And so are dry skin, chapped lips, and itchy skin problems. Ugh!

Winters and skincare for glowing skin normally don’t go well together. For all the good excuses, face care in winter seems like a tedious task. But to be honest, winter months are the best to liven up your beauty and grace, though if proper steps are taken. If you are ready to make these little efforts, here are some truly amazing tips for a winter skincare routine to look out for.

Tips For An Amazing Winter Skin Care Routine

#1. Level up your face wash

winter skincare routine face wash

The face wash is an imperative part of our daily skincare routine. But most of these may end up drying our face, especially in winter. While we use it to keep our face free of germ and dead cell buildup, it also rips away natural skin oils. These skin oils are essential for the maintenance of ph balance, as well as keep our skin hydrated. Avoid cleansers, as they are extremely drying.

Face wash laden with loads of chemicals needs to be avoided. Plus those with natural ingredients will help you restore lipids that keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Also, make sure that you use oil or balm based face wash, that will not pull away all the essential oils from your skin. Face wash without any fragrance doesn’t irritate the skin.

#2. Keep a check on dead skin cell buildup


Winter are the days when we are at our laziest when it comes to exfoliating our skin. Dead skin cells, as a result, get an opportunity to build up and party during the bone shivering months. Consequently, our skin cells get clogged and blackheads, whiteheads and even acne get a freehold on your face. Exfoliation thus plays a crucial role.

There are a number of methods for your exfoliation needs. You use anything from a facial scrub to exfoliation gloves or even a peel-off mask. However, for a more effective deep clean, you can buy Mello Microdermabrasion kit and no dead cells will manage to stay on your skin.

Exfoliation is also important, as it helps in better absorption of other skincare products. And some even suggest, that less the dead skin buildup, less will be the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

#3. Moisturize your skin

moisturise skin in winter skincare routine

The main mantra of winter skincare! Moisturising is a never forget step. For this, the basic tip is to wash your face with lukewarm water. It shall neither be too hot nor cold. Just after you wash your face, it is the best time to apply a moisturizer.

Buy a good gel-based moisturizer, and even better is using vaseline for an overnight application. It will blend in well into the skin and retain moisture for long. I often buy mini packs that I can keep in my purse. Due to this habit, I am never out of moisture, as even if I forget applying it before leaving home, I have it in my purse.

#4. Keep the lips supple

winter lip care

Lips are the worst hit during the winter season. Even when we go out, we wrap ourselves from head to toe, except the face, and especially not the lips. Use a lip balm or ointment, which contains essential oils, glycerin, etc.

But to heal all cracks and peeling skin, its best to apply it both day and night. At the same time, avoid lip balms with camphor and menthol, as these will dry out your skin, as soon as they are worn out. And as a result, you’ll find yourself in a never-ending cycle o reapplying your balm.

#5. Best time for hair removal

best time for ipl hair removal

Body hair is yet another point of neglect in a winter skincare routine. But it is also the season which is the best for laser and IPL hair removal sessions. Why? Because your skin will be less exposed to the sun.

If you don't know much about IPL hair removal, it is just like a laser one, but you can do it yourself at home. Just buy an IPL hair removal device, and make your body hair-free before spring knocks in.

Anyways, if you don’t like going bare skin even in your home, try hard wax for the important parties and events in the season. Mello wax can be used at home, in a very clutter-free and safe way. Besides, it pans much less than regular salon waxing sessions and reduces hair for long.

At the same time, it's advised not to use razors and threads, as the skin is extra delicate in cold weather. But you can still try epilators, for your face and body.

#6. Wear Makeup that Supplements Skincare

winter skincare makeup tips

Makeup that contains nourishing oils and natural ingredients will help you stay upbeat all day. Find good bb creams and foundations that will not suffocate your skin. Besides, do not forget to use sunscreens, as they are all-season friends.

#7. Pamper your skin

winter skincare routine pamper your skin

Your skin is exposed to extra harshness in this part of the year. So naturally, you need to keep some time to pamper your skin, in your winter skincare routine. Giving your skin a subtle massage is one of the best ways out there. For this, you may use Mello Rose Quartz crystal facial roller. Rose quartz is a crystal known for its soothing and healing abilities.

Secondly, you can also go for Mello Derma Facial Roller whose microneedles, that will deeply rejuvenate your skin without being intrusive. You can also go for LED light therapy. An LED light mask has multiple benefits. It can kill your wrinkles, fine lines, acne, etc, in addition to bringing out a natural glow on your skin.

Are You Ready For The Chill?

So it’s finally the season of chocolates, smart overcoats, hoodies, long boots, and snow. And now after reading this piece, you can make it the season of exceptional glow and charm on your face, and body. Also, make sure to drink ample water, as it is the best way to nourish your skin inside out. Follow these super easy winter skincare routine, and you’ll be glad, how happy your skin will be.