The Best Beauty Resolutions To Make For 2020

The Best Beauty Resolutions To Make For 2020

The most common question during this part of the year is, where did the year fly by? Albeit, the new year is welcomed with warm hopes and cozy hearts. To make your new year special, I’ll be equipping you with some fascinating beauty resolutions so that you can sparkle with a natural glow just a few months into 2020. Are you ready?

Head on!

1. Skin | Chart out a plan to know your skin type and what it needs to stay fit

Pamper your skin like a baby. First discover that your skin is oily, dry or combination. Then, treat it accordingly. Don’t follow every other trend in the fashion world without weighing its effects on your skin. Make a beauty resolution that you’ll check and recheck the efficacy of skin care products before going all gaga over it.

If you have dry skin, exfoliate with caution and make a rule to moisturize immediately after a bath, or whenever your skin feels dry. At the same time, do not forget to remove the layers of moisturizer from your skin on a daily basis. Similarly, those with open pores and acne breakouts must make the most of skin tightener and acne spot removers.

2. Hair | First Nourish, then color, or style with cool haircuts

Hairs are one of the first things that one notices about you. Besides, whether you like it or not, you are judged by the kind of hairdo or color you adopt. But in all this, we often forget to provide the right nourishment to our hair and give them the strength to bear the weight of chemicals in shampoos, hair colors, curling rods, etc. For this, you may oil your hair regularly with the oils of olives, almonds, gooseberry, coconut, etc, at least once a week.

If you love adding a splash of colors to your hair, here are some cool shades that are predicted to be trendsetters in 2020. Warm reds, ombre, twilights, and burgundy are cool shades to pick from the pallet. Besides, bouncy and slightly curly hairs will help you steal many hearts at a time.

3. Lips | Hydrate and sugarcoat for supple and soft lips

Winter or summer, chapped lips can arrive anytime. While you might be cursing the dryness in the weather for your chapped lips, these are directly related to the health of your stomach. The more acidic and hard fried food you’ll eat, the more your lips will suffer.

As a caution, wear tinted lip balms to give your lips a break from the heavier doses of lipsticks. Scrubbing your lips with a mix of sugar and oil (almond/ coconut/ olive) will get rid of the dead skin cells. And also nourish them with essential oils with an overnight coat. This will make for one of the best beauty resolutions for the new year.

For lip shades, tinted lips are set to attract attention, bright and coral shades aren’t far behind. In particular, red matte lips will never go out of fashion, trust me! Be it the seductive Scarlett Johansson or a next-door aunt, red suits one and all. This universal shade could also save you from the dilemma of choosing a lip color whenever you are confused.

4. Body hair | Kill them all, for once and forever!

While body hair seems gross, most of us end up with tons of them each winter. So make a resolution that you’ll get rid of them all this year, and forever. How? For permanent hair removal try IPL Hair removal if not epilators or Hard Wax kits. You have the option to get it all done in a salon, but if you wish to save your time and money you can easily buy these devices and bring salon-like services to your home.

5. Cleanse | Makeup, skin and all those brushes

Another best beauty resolution is to exfoliate your skin at regular intervals. While there are multiple ways to get rid of the dead skin buildup, it’s your wish to choose your type of exfoliation. To just make it easy for you, try a facial steamer to open your clogged pores, and dermaplaning, LED face masks or the simpler collagen masks to exfoliate.

6. Body | Stay Hydrated, healthy and in shape

One of the topmost beauty tips is to stay hydrated as it impacts a number of beauty issues. Being amply hydrated will keep your skin naturally moisturized, eyes less saggy, and the body more energetic. So irrespective of how much you load your face with makeup, natural beauty is unbeatable.

Besides, ensure your beauty sleep goes uninterrupted. While you must sleep for 6 to 8 hours every day, oversleeping will do no good. Moreover, as an interesting tip, go for soft and silky fabrics for your pillows, as these will be less harsh on your facial skin and hair, apart from absorbing all your serums and night creams.

Also, morning walks are a great way to start your day. Not only will you get in ample amounts of fresh oxygen, but the chirping of birds, sunrise views and pleasant morning greetings are great stress busters. If you are staying in cold and snowy regions, workout at home, use some weight loss devices like the cavitation therapy or simply get into rope skipping. People will be surprised when you’ll get out of layers of clothes in spring and reveal a healthier you.

These were some of the most basic things that your body deserves to experience. I suggest you follow all of these, or at least half of them to have healthy skin. In fact, the healthier you and your skin feel, the more you’ll be able to save on expensive salon treatments and heavy doses of makeup to hide your imperfections.

Albeit, there’s a goddess in every femme, and there’s nothing like imperfect (yes,I am contradicting myself). All you need is strong will power and determination to conquer the world. You can do it!

And may you have a prosperous year ahead!