The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Waxing At Home

The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Waxing At Home

We usually like to have waxing sessions to keep those unwanted hairs away. Though this often means a trip to the salon every month, and that's not always convenient right?

Well for some they resort to waxing at home, to keep things convenient, enjoy some me time and to save abit of ka-ching. However, waxing at home can be a little bit worrisome if you don't take the simple steps to learn the basics. So in this post, we will help you be aware of the things you might already be doing when you are waxing at home.

Here are the 5 common mistakes one makes when waxing at home:

Not Cleansing

You may think you can just out right apply the wax around the area you want. But hey, cleansing should be done first! The skin and hair follicles can be oily at times and dirt and unwanted dead skin might be stuck with the hair. Cleansing is best to be done before waxing to prepare the surface and insure good hygiene and less irritation.

Woman getting legs waxed at a spa

Wrong Direction

In waxing salons the esthetician has already been through extensive training on the know how of waxing. However some of us at-home-waxers might not take the time to learn the easy fundamentals. Always take note that wax should be applied towards or with the direction of the hair and pulled opposite that direction.

Too Short Hair

We have those days when even a little peeking of the hair in the surface makes you want to take it out immediately; it just keeps you annoyed. But patience is truly a virtue, my friend. Always wait for your hair to grow in the right length for waxing to be done effectively. It is recommended that the hair should be 1/4 to 1/3 inch long.

Too Long Hair

Yes the opposite of the previous one. If hair is too long, it becomes more painful. Furthermore, longer hair gets prone to breaking. Instead of actually pulling the hair out in one go, you might end up applying wax again because of broken hair.

Heating Wax Wrongly

Even how you heat up the wax is really an important factor. If the wax is not heated enough, it becomes hard to spread. On the other hand, if the wax is heated too much, it might be too hot for the skin or cooling it down would take you longer. Always aim to heat your wax properly. It is best to have a wax warmer to better gauge the temperature and keep the perfect working temperature

These are just simple steps so to say. But we unconsciously end up doing them every time we wax at home. See to it to follow and check on these mistakes the next time you wax (there's also an abundance of how-to's in the rest of our blogs).

Happy waxing!