So what do toners do to your skin? 6 things you didn't know

Do you feel toners are unnecessary and gimmicky additions to skincare? Well, think again and reconsider this magical potion. Toners are known to have a skin-balancing effect of keeping the oil production in check. You may still feel confused about what do toners do and how they help in achieving the perfect skin texture. For those who are unaware, toner is a skincare weapon in a liquid form.

Its thin consistency works amazingly on the skin to balance the hydration. There are several formulas that are created for different skin types for a soothing post-cleansing ritual. Some toners have moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe vera. You can also choose from toners with witch hazel and Vitamin C to have a boost of astringent properties. Here are some major Dos and Don’ts of using toner.

What Does Face Toner Do and When Do I Use It?

Toners help in removing dirt, grime, bacteria, and leftover makeup from the face. They draw out the impurities that may be lurking inside the pores of your skin even after washing your face. The major positive impact of toners is the pore shrinking and tightening of visible pores on the skin. Besides, they help in restoring the natural pH of the skin after washing.

You can apply toner as a primer, too, if your skin is oily, and you want your makeup to last longer. The toner will help keep your pores closed and not break down your makeup due to excessive oil production.

Who Should Use Face Toner?

Skin toners are for everyone. However, they become quite necessary if your skin is oily and acne-prone. Since they help in balancing oils and remove bacteria from the skin, they contribute to lesser breakouts in the skin. You may pick a toner with salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and glycolic acid to keep the oil and acne-causing bacteria away.

What Exactly Do Toners Do?

Toner can be beneficial for all skin types. The water-like solution acts as a barrier on the skin. Let’s find out more about the functions of toners.

Shrink Down the Pores

Your nose, cheeks, and chin naturally have pores if your skin is oily. With the changes in weather, you may see that the pores increase in size and accumulate whiteheads and blackheads. You can apply toner at least twice a day to combat these issues and shrink down the pores. Before applying any serum or cream, ensure that the toner is dry.

Balance the Skin from within

The original pH of the skin is acidic, which is between five and six. After cleansing your face even with the mildest face wash, your skin’s pH may become alkaline. So, to bring back the normal pH, you can apply toner with its balancing chemical structure.

Skin’s Protective Armor

Toners aid in tightening the gap between the skin cells that may loosen up after cleansing, makeup application, and oil secretion. This helps in preventing the impurities, contaminants, bacteria, and dust from getting into the skin. Moreover, it can remove chlorine and minerals that may be left after using tap water to cleanse your skin.

It also reduces the risk of acne, sunburn, and other skin allergies as it balances the natural health of your skin. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of toner help people who have bumps and lines on the skin. Besides, the toner may also reduce dark spots and blemishes if used regularly.

Moisturizing Toner

Some toners have vitamin E, glycerin, grapeseed oil, and hyaluronic acid suitable for oily skin. These ingredients help in making the skin supple and add a layer of hydration to the skin. The moisturizing toners are ideal if you have dry skin.

Furthermore, if your skin’s barrier is not healthy, toner can help in restoring that naturally. Your skin regime products will penetrate deeper with the prepping structure of toners.

Freshen up your Skin

If you're having a lazy day, you may use toner to freshen up your skin without washing it. Moreover, if you wish to avoid washing your face several times a day, the toner will work wonders to keep your skin fresh and cool.

Stop Ingrown Hair Growth

The glycolic acid and AHAs present in some toners help in delaying hair growth. They also help in preventing ingrown hair so that you can enjoy flawless looking smooth skin for longer.

Can I Skip Toner?

By now, you know how do toners work, so skipping toner once in a while is okay. However, if your skin feels oily and acne-prone, toner is your skin savior. It will help in reducing the pore size and bacterial acne that may appear every morning. It is advisable to use toner before applying skincare in the morning as well as night time.

You may also use a toner after a sweaty run or a gym session. The sweat may cause the breeding of bacteria, so you should get rid of this sweat and grime as soon as possible. This will keep your skin clear for longer. Moreover, use soft cotton reusable wipes to use the toner to avoid any abrasions on the skin.

How to Apply Face Toner

Keep reading to find several ways on how to use the toner to achieve perfectly smooth skin. The most used way to apply toner is with a cotton ball or pad soaked in the liquid and gently swiping it across the skin. You may use a spray bottle to spritz the toner on your skin. Make sure to keep your eyes closed while you do this.

We recommend the best toner for the face with the seaweed extracts, Marine Balancing Toner by Mello Beauty. This marine mineralized toner is suitable for all skin types and has an anti-redness effect of soothing down your skin. There are no side effects of toner on the face if you use a gentle toner with calming ingredients like honey and chamomile extracts.

Now that you have all the vital facts about what do toners do, your skill will be smooth and full of glow. Remember to pick a gentle toner that does not affect the skin's pH or cause too much dryness. Our next article will discuss the alternate uses of toner and its other beauty applications.