Six Spring Hair Trends To try Today

Trust it or not, but 2020 was a massive year for new hair trends, Covid-19 be the doomed. In the 2021 spring, many people use salon shutdown as an exemption to play with hairstyles. Some gave them layers, bangs, and buzz cuts. Moreover, once the businesses re-opened back, folks rush to their favorite stylists for both full-blown and touch-ups transformations.

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The pixie cut was super famous, as was the bob cut and curly bangs. But, on the other side, low-maintenance hair looks such as one-length cut and long bangs were also seen everywhere. Furthermore, because of the halt, many new hair cuts have been on trend from last year, although few new ones make an appearance. But, which hairstyle to go for might be a question. So, enough tittle-tattle to know which six spring hair trends to try today, keep on scrolling.

Best Spring Hair Trends to Seek

Either you are looking to maintain your length and knock off the split ends, or you are thinking of going shorter due to warm weather on the skyline. Find out the best spring hairstyles that you can flaunt this season ahead.

1. Mermaid Lengths Haircut

While we have often seen Kardashians wear their hair long enough to cover their toned legs behind, the trend has exploded in recent months. Moreover, from the couture spring 2021 show where the model’s long hair floated through the air to Lizzo and Dua Lipa at the Grammys, it appears that long mermaid hair is here to remain. 

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While it is not basically a cut, it is effortless to achieve with some time, or you can even complete it using some hair extensions. Besides, you can even opt for front fridges with long mermaid lengths to make this overall look more appealing. 

2. Curly Bangs

Who says curvy girls can’t wear bangs? As the season gears up, we are seeing them do this all over the place. Anyone can wear bangs, no matter whether you have a slim face or chubby cheeks. This haircut can quickly transform any hairstyle to classic, flirty, and fun. To flourish this hairstyle, you only need a good hairspray to give your hair a stronghold to keep the bangs in place.

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Apart from this, I suggest you must invest in a good hair serum for that extra shine and healthy look for your curls. Though the curtain bangs are always tempting, this year, it is all about curly bangs for an easy and added flattering summer/spring look. 

3. New Pixie

The New Pixie hair trend is an infallible favorite, and it comes up to be one of the most popular on-trend haircuts all this year. It is constantly a classic style because it has so many variations to it. If we look upon last year’s pixie cuts, it was either too short or just extra longer than the usual. There was no in-between. This look will give them a fresh and modern look for people who have a slim face cut. 

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Also, it is low-maintenance in which you don’t have to spend a lot of time blow-drying your hair. The reason many folks preferred this hairstyle is that they think it is the wash-and-go haircut. You can simply leave the house with wet hair, and it will dry perfectly on its own. Do not miss applying gloss on your lips and a bit of brightening cream for that subtle and radiant glow. 

4. Blunt Dusting Haircut

If you have not undergone a haircut in a long time, you like your current hair length; many hairstylists suggest a simple scissor dusting. Despite the hairstyle, make sure to get rid of your dry hair ends caused by the cold weather to prepare for a whole new look.

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Moreover, this blunt dusting haircut can be flaunted by everyone regardless of the face shape; a blunt, mid-length lob will look forever fabulous for spring and summer. However, before opting for this hair look, ensure there must be a heavyweight line around the perimeter of the cut, as it should look nice and blunt from the bottom. 

5. Mocha Hair Trend

Coffee-inspired colors have become one of the great picks in the world of hair color, and the mocha hair trend is the newest one to join the family. This stunning hair color has a rich brunette base with highlights and lowlights that add dimension to your strands. In addition, the mocha is a neutral shade; therefore, this hair color will be a flattering option for all skin tones. You can easily buy the color of a good brand and go all over mocha in your hair at home. 

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6. Go For Trendy Hair Clips

Sometimes a hair accessory is all that you require to change up your hairstyle. Barrettes is a hair clip that provides a nostalgic staple and will add a chic tone to your hairstyles. You can simply choose from the variety of options available and crisscross them, clip them on the side of your head. You can also clip barrette on the back of your hair and take a few strands from the front, or even pair them with your favorite hair do’s.

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So I think you are all familiar with the new and best spring hair trends to try; now, it is time you need to focus on your skin. So do check out my next blog on how to take care of skin in summer naturally!

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