Simple Skincare Routine For New Moms

New moms know how hard it is to juggle sleep and health with the new addition to their family. Postpartum brings never seen before skin issues and hair issues that require extra care. Now, you may not have the time to take care of yourself while tending to the newborn. However, this time is crucial for you and your skin to avoid irreparable damages. Read and learn about the skincare routine for new moms.

As you are busy taking care of your little crying monster, your skin may be the first to show the signs of fatigue. You may even see your hair falling off in chunks. We suggest you take it slow and combat things one by one. Starting with a simple, no-nonsense skincare routine to take care of your skin may be one self-care solution to feel better.

For a simple skincare routine for busy moms, these steps can be done in under five minutes. But, doing this regularly is the key to get effective results even when you feel exhausted and sleep-deprived. Simple skincare is ideal to avoid any breakouts that leave marks on the skin. Moreover, it is to add back the hydration to the skin to prevent new lines and wrinkle formation. With this backed up skin routine, you will soon be a super mom who has glowing skin.

Go back to the basic skincare

Your skincare does not need to include ten steps at this busy time. skincare for new moms should be quick and easy. Even when you are not going out or applying makeup, your skin may be sensitive. Some hacks to soothe the skin may counter the redness and unevenness on the surface. There may be bacteria lingering from the hospital visits or lack of sleep affecting the skin.

For a quick fix, try the Marine Balancing Toner by Mello Beauty to remove any trace of oils and hydrate your skin. You may clean your skin with the toner even without washing it and feel fresh. The toner has minerals and vitamins from the dead seaweed. This is perfect for the postpartum skin to wake it up and provide some energy.

Wash gently but smartly

You may feel very tempted to wash your face aggressively multiple times. However, hold this urge and do not cross the mark from the maximum of two times. The horrible mess around you may alter your skin, but this does not mean to take it out on your skin. So, it is wise to gently clean your skin, preferably with a gentle cleanser like Rose Hip Radiance Cleanser by Mello Beauty.

It has rose hip oil extracts that do not dry out the skin. Moreover, the formulation is perfect for all skin types, including combination skin types. You may even double cleanse with oil and wash it with warm water. Then follow it up with the cleanser and give out the skin a cold splash of water in the end. One other best skincare for new moms is using a gentle moisturizer.

We recommend using 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer by Mello Beauty, which is excellent for sensitive skin. The hyaluronic acid works as a humectant that draws moisture to the skin and balances it. This is one single step skincare that will make your skin glow from within and maintain the bounce.

Stay healthy outside and inside

You may constantly be feeding the baby, but think about yourself as well. Staying hydrated is right for your body and skin. Make sure that you are eating enough nutritious food and drinking plenty of water. Your body may require more nutrients and hydration at this point, so don’t ignore it. Moreover, include rich foods like superfoods, greens, juices, and nuts in your diet along with fiber to retain the hydration and moisture in the body.

The new mom skincare routine includes feeding it from within as well to recover in the shortest possible time. Drinking green tea and consuming vitamin-rich food will maintain energy levels and skin health. Besides, you may add some multivitamins and collagen to your diet that is safe for you and your baby for some additional nutrition.

Importance of SPF for new moms

Your skin may be slightly more prone to sun damage when you do not take as much care as you did earlier. Therefore, it is more important to apply sunblock even when you don’t go out for long. The sun damage can take place in significantly less time and leave undesirable marks on your skin. To prevent this, slather on skincare and sunblock every day in the morning.

This skincare routine for new moms is effective with a minimum of SPF 40 or 50 so that your skin has enough protection. Also, see that your sunblock is hypoallergenic and paraben-free as they may cause allergy to you and your baby.

Add in a little bonus skincare routine for new moms

This is one additional step along with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Use a serum to revive your skin from the dead. We recommend using Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Serum by Mello Beauty that will repair and protect your skin at the same time. You may also mask your skin with some hydrating mask that promotes collagen and hydration. This will be like a mini spa for you to relax a little while your skin heals.

As a new mom, remember to enjoy this bumpy road and cherish all the imperfect moments. Your skin and hair will recover in a matter of weeks with an effective regular skin regime. We have covered the basic skincare routine for new moms for clear and glowing skin. Stay tuned for our next article for more skincare information and hacks.