Say No to Skin Problems with the Amazing Effects of LED Light Mask’s

Say No to Skin Problems with the Amazing Effects of LED Light Mask’s

Thanks to Kardashians and beauty gurus the LED Light Masks has taken the beauty industry by storm these days. Instagram selfies which look nothing less than a star wars character is the latest trend!. Although the beauty community swear by its effects you wouldn’t know if it's for your skin unless you try it yourself.

Well, the popularity of LED light mask is not all smart advertising as it offers many skin benefits on regular usage. You can use the LED light therapy for acne, wrinkles and other pesky skin problems. Additionally, it also gives you that classic glow to enhance your beauty. Further, choosing a safe and certified product would easily keep LED light therapy dangers at bay. Moreover, you will surely get that no filter flawless skin with regular usage.

LED Light Mask therapy

What are LED Light Masks?

LED light masks are the knight and shining armours of your skin! These revolutionary products use several wavelengths of light, to treat your skin woes. The LED light therapy colours focus on different skin woes individually and use wavelengths to treat it. By welcoming a LED light mask into your skincare routine you can relief yourself from itchy face masks and rashes easily.

What to expect from LED therapy mask

The LED light masks can show amazing results within a short period. The secret to the effectiveness of these light masks lies in their beautiful colours. As each of these colours focuses on specific skin problems individually. Usually, a good LED light mask such as Mello Beauty LED Light Mask has seven colours in it which individually focus on several beauty problems for giving you better skin.

LED Light Mask after effects

Hence using it daily can aid you to say adieu to your skin woes easily. To know possible LED light mask before and after difference when you use it constantly keep reading!

Even skin tone

LED light therapy for hyper pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be a stubborn skin foe and most of the products and home remedies don’t work on them. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation then LED light masks can be your saviour. The yellow and green light in it can decompose pigments slowly and accelerates the healing process of your skin. Although the process takes time with patience and observance you can easily say goodbye to it.

Acne fighter

It can reduce your stubborn acne as well with the help blue light in it. If your acne sticks around no matter what you try then LED light therapy can be the anti-acne treatment for your skin. Its blue light can easily kill the acne-causing bacteria and calm your overactive skin. Also, you don’t have to fret over full coverage foundations since the blue light will heal your acne scars to enhance your natural beauty.

The forever young skin

LED light Mask anti-aging

Red light therapy benefits make led light masks a proven aid for antiaging. The first thing that you’ll notice after using the LED light therapy daily is softer and glowing skin. You can bid farewell to smile lines and crows feet by treating your face with LED light therapy a regular basis. The collagen-boosting property of the red light in the LED light mask makes your skin smoother and gives you a glow from within.

Possible Side Effects...

Although LED light masks are clinically tested and are mostly safe. Its results vary from skin to skin and might show some side effects as well. Below are the following side effects you might experience if you have sensitive skin or using meds.

Redness: If you have a photosensitive skin then you might experience redness in your skin after your first-time usage. Redness is not a permanent side effect and usually subsides after a few hours of usage.
Burning: Directly exposing yourself to UV rays just after the LED light usage can burn your skin since light therapy makes your face sensitive. So you must not step out in the sun right after using LED light therapy.
Darkening: This is again yet another side effect caused by instant sun exposure just after LED light therapy as your skin is sensitive and is vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays as well.

Safety measures...

LED Light mask side effects

You can easily avoid the side effects of an LED light mask by following easy precaution methods. They will not only protect you from the side effects but will also help in making your skin better. Some of the safety measures to make the best out of your LED light mask are given below:

Sunscreen: Make sure to put on sunscreen before stepping out if you use LED light mask regularly. As the sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV rays and help you in avoiding tanning as well.
Face wash: Always wash away your makeup before plugging in your LED light mask. As it's important to have a bare face for getting the best effect.
Organic Products: One downside of LED light masks are that it makes your skin sensitive. So to avoid any harmful reactions try using nature-based organic products for your skincare regime.

LED Light Mask Before and after


With proper precaution LED light therapy can easily do wonders for your skin. These light masks can give you visible benefits when used regularly. So add a hint of colour to your skincare with LED light masks and get a flawless skin.