Salicylic Acid vs Benzoyl Peroxide: Which is effective for your skin?

Are you dealing with persistent acne for a very long time? There are several unknown reasons that may be behind your acne. Although there is no permanent cure for acne, some ingredients such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide may help manage it. Here, we’ll debate salicylic acid vs benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne.

It could be hormonal, stress, pollution, and poor diet. Besides, a broken skin barrier may be causing acne. Meanwhile, you may also read the purpose of the skin barrier and how to repair it. You may use skin products that contain balancing ingredients to repair this barrier. For preventing acne, keep on reading to find the uses of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid better.

Is benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid better?

Both the ingredients work in the same way by removing the dead skin cells that clog pores. These cells may be responsible for causing acne and blackheads. In some cases, salicylic acid may be better than benzoyl peroxide. It works best for whiteheads and blackheads. Moreover, it helps in preventing the future formation of comedones.

On the other hand, benzoyl peroxide may be more useful for red and pussy pimples called pustules. Besides, it helps in removing the acne-causing bacteria from the skin. You may choose the ingredient that corresponds with your current skin condition.

Are there any side effects caused by these ingredients?

This may vary from person to person, along with the variation in concentration of the ingredients. However, these ingredients are safe to use and are available in over the counter products. Additionally, these may cause dryness and irritation in the initial days of application. To combat this, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer at all times.

Besides, if you have an allergy to aspirin, avoid using salicylic acid. Other common side effects may include itching, peeling skin, tingling, dermatitis, and psoriasis outbreaks. These are common with all the acne treatments that work to peel the acne to unveil the fresh skin. It is advisable for everyone to consult a dermatologist in case the skin is too sensitive. Besides, skip using benzoyl peroxide if you have sensitive skin.

Pick from salicylic acid vs benzoyl peroxide

This may depend on the type of acne you are dealing with. Everyone has a different skin type that may result in blackheads or acne at different times. Salicylic acid may be effective for blackheads and benzoyl peroxide for pustules. You may pick a face wash with salicylic acid and add on a serum with benzoyl peroxide.

Both the ingredients are mild and effective for mild outbreaks. Moreover, they will usually take a few weeks to show full effect. Salicylic acid is mild enough to apply all over the face. Meanwhile, you can use products with benzoyl peroxide as an emergency spot application treatment.

The severity of your breakouts. Both ingredients are intended for mild breakouts, and they can take several weeks to take full effect. Benzoyl peroxide, though, might show some benefit as an emergency spot treatment. These ingredients are mild enough not to aggravate your skin in any way. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your skin.

The main difference between benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid is the severity of the acne they trigger. Ensure that you are not using any additional retinol or active ingredients in your skincare. Too many products may sensitize your skin and make your skin condition even worse. A patch test is always recommended for everyone to see if there is any reaction. This usually takes 24-48 hours to develop.

How to use these ingredients?

Your skin regime should be smartly built as per your needs. It is advisable to not use all the skincare products with the same chemical makeup. Too much drying ingredients may affect the skin’s barrier in the long term. If you are using a benzoyl peroxide toner, ensure that your serum or moisturizer is free from it. In case you are using a salicylic acid face wash, you may not need to include it in any other product.

You may also use a scrub that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to get rid of nasty acne and blackheads on your skin. One such all-rounder product is the Bright Beauty Peeling Pads by Mello Beauty. These contain a concentrated blend of salicylic, lactic, and mandelic acids to exfoliate your skin gently. Besides, these are easy to use and do not require any additional skincare steps.

These brightening pads will leave your skin radiant and glowing. Furthermore, do not skip sunscreen or a good moisturizer when using sensitivity-causing ingredients on your skin. This is important to ensure your skin stays nourished while these ingredients are working their magic.

Safety in use: salicylic acid vs benzoyl peroxide

You may include both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide at the same time in your skincare. However, be cautious not to overdo any of these ingredients. Otherwise, you may see redness, peeling, and excessive sensitivity in your skin.

You may choose different days depending upon your skin condition to include both the ingredients. Salicylic acid is milder to use if you are a beginner with such skincare products. When applying topical creams and lotions, it is advisable to use them at night to prevent any photoreaction in the sun.

Since there is no actual cure for acne, the debate of salicylic acid vs benzoyl peroxide is proof enough that it is still manageable. These may help in relieving the current acne issues and also prevent any future breakouts. A healthy diet rich in vitamin A, E and C, along with other nutrients, may help in healing skin quicker. In our next article, we’ll cover how salicylic acid’s topical use helps in dealing with acne.