Rose Quartz Benefits and How to Use | 6 Awesome Ways

Rose Quartz Benefits and How to Use | 6 Awesome Ways

Rose Quartz, the crystal of the goddess of love and beauty - Venus has fantastic healing properties. It not only promotes love and happiness in the surroundings but has various benefits on your skin! Yes, it is true!

Incorporate a Rose Quartz roller into your beauty regimen and become the ultimate goddess of clear, nourished skin. The roller will do wonders for your skin and help you look younger by circulating blood directly to your skin. In turn, it will clear away any toxin or impurity and give you the effect of a naturally glowing skin. Written below are some of the ways you can use the Rose Quartz Facial Roller and witness your skin glow.

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Benefits of Rose Quartz

There are various benefits of rose quartz. Not only it is good for the skin, but it also acts as a great protector and saves the body from any harm. The rose quartz roller is made from pure gem material, which has a natural rose gold color perfect for inducing a radiant glow to your skin. It enhances the color complexion and makes your skin look lively and bright. With its amazing healing properties, it has been used in ancient culture as well. Another benefit of rose quartz is that it has a high balancing potential and will help to keep your mind and body stable. It is said to bring peace to your emotions and soul, as well.

rose quartz facial roller

To get rid of impurities that may cause problems to your body, you can use the rose quartz stone and help yourself stay free from any negative energy.

While using the rose quartz roller, you will notice that your complexion is getting fairer. It helps produce collagen, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin sleek and smooth. Besides drinking plenty of water, use this roller to hydrate your skin and get rid of skin problems like eczema and acne. Due to the anti-bacterial properties, rose quartz stone is a must to add in your beauty regimen.

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6 Ways to Use the Rose Quartz Roller

You must be aware of the different healing properties and benefits of rose quartz stone. It has been in use since ancient times and subsequently has proven to be scientifically beneficial.

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Given below are some of the ways you can use the rose quartz roller and see the changes yourself.

1. Use the Rose Quartz Roller after Work Out

After a hard workout session, all you need is a relaxing massage. And what’s better than a massage? Use of Rose Quartz roller on your sore muscles! You must’ve heard from athletes that ice bath helps reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles, and the good news is that these properties are present in the roller. You just have to slide it over the inflamed muscles and reduce the soreness on your body. For instant results, keep the roller in the freezer for a little while and see the wonders it does!

benefits of rose quartz

2. Use it after work to soothe Headaches and Migraines

For those of you who are on their laptops 24*7, this tip is for you! Our lifestyle and work culture have made it tough for us to take a break. In between that, we encounter various health troubles such as frequent headaches and migraines. While there may be a specific reason for these troubles, stress may be one of the factors! Therefore reduce the effect of headaches and migraines by gently rolling this amazing product of your head. Just roll the roller on your temples, behind your ears, back on your neck, and the inside of your wrists and get relieved instantly.

3. Roll on during Moisturisation

Nothing feels better than using your favorite moisturizer after a relaxing bath. Want to hydrate your skin to the bottom-most layer of your skin? Use the Rose Quartz roller! Yes, you heard me. Rolling the rose quartz roller helps the moisture penetrate deep into the skin and lock its goodness. Not only it helps keep the skin hydrated, but it also makes the skin smooth to touch.

rose quartz

4. As a weekly Detoxifier

Lymphatic drainage points are present on the body near the armpits, inner elbow, upper thigh, and lower abdomen. When you massage the rose quartz roller over these lymphatic drainage areas, you will release the toxin buildup from the body effectively.

5. On your body to improve Contour & reduce Bloating

To give way to the fluid that gathers in our body, contour those parts using rose quartz roller. While using it on your body, be sure to glide it in the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions around your stomach and upper arms. It will help provide a lifted and contoured appearance to these parts of your body.

Also, bloating can be caused by various reasons. However, with the help of a rose quartz roller, you can reduce it. Release the pressure from your stomach by gently rolling it in the clockwise direction and get rid of constipation and irregular bowels.

6. While applying Serums for a better penetration

Serums contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E. They also contain retinol and ingredients that even out skin tone. When applied underneath moisturizers, serums act as a targeted treatment for wrinkles, pigmentation, and redness. Use rose quartz roller after applying serum over your face. This will help the serum get deeper into the skin and provide you with visible results.

rose quartz facial roller


Nature is the best healer, without doubt, and now it is a proven fact! There are various benefits of the rose quartz stone, many of which are still being discovered. Apart from healing the chakras of the heart and inducing positivity, it proves to be an excellent product for the skin.

It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and acne and improves the complexion of the skin by reducing pigmentation. It helps with blood circulation and gives you a natural blush. So, if you are wondering if the Rose Quartz Stone is worth a try, then I'd say YES, definitely!