Revealed!!! 7 Celebrity beauty tips and secrets uncovered in 2019

Revealed!!! 7 Celebrity beauty tips and secrets uncovered in 2019

2019 flew by faster than we all thought. While for many it might have brought plenty of opportunities, some might have had to face the other side of the coin. However, let’s end the year with some beauty tips and secrets from some of the most famous celebs that we know. From the smokin hot Victoria Beckham to uber-cool Kendall Jenner, here are a few star beauty secrets that were uncovered by the fashion club. So celebrity skin care secrets, aren’t secrets anymore! Read on!

#1. Kendall Jenner | Ombre hair is still going strong

While we all thought that the trend of ombre hair is soon going to fade, Kendall Jenner proved us all wrong on Thanksgiving. Her signature glossy dark brown hair now have a golden caramel towards the end. However, it’s unclear whether she especially got her hair colored or did they result from her hair bleaching a few months back. But one thing is for sure, they are definitely looking beautiful.

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#2. Victoria Beckham | For lashes that touch the brows

Lauded for all that she is, Victoria Beckham is one of the most followed beauty icons. Despite her age, she has always managed to look much younger than her years. Albeit, the latest talk of the town has been her super long eyelashes. In an interview a month back, Victoria divulged the reason for her beautiful eyelashes. The beauty uses an eyelash growth serum, Latisse, which is nothing but a prescription drug for hair growth. It’s easy to apply and the results are already visible on her. You may even use it on your brows if you are in short supply!

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#3. Kelly Brook | Silk Pillows for night creams and serums to work well

Kelly Brook is said to be using silk pillows as a part of her beauty regimen. If you are wondering how it works, the silk fiber absorbs less amount of your night creams and serums and lets them sink in only in your skin. The same goes for your hair. Your hair will also maintain its natural moisture for a longer time and turn a little less frizzy by the time the sun rises. Fancy taking a morning selfie and posting with an ‘I woke up like this’ caption? You know how to get it right! Victoria Beckham is a fan too!

#4. Poppy Delevingne | Coat yourself in coconut oil to go baby soft

In an interview this year, Poppy Delevingne revealed her beauty tips and secrets. She let off the reason behind her baby soft skin in the early thirties. The English model and actress love coating herself, head to toe, (hairs included) in coconut oil every once a week. As a second step, she soaks herself in a cozy bath to let all the impurities come off with the oil. And voila, you know how gorgeous her skin is! Besides, that’s truly one of the best natural beauty secrets revealed.

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#5. Ellie Goulding | Face Gym for pre-wedding facial

Ellie Goulding’s pre-wedding facial has been the talk of the town. Her skin looks extremely nourishing, fresh and to be true, flawless. FaceGym involves an energetic knuckling movement coupled with whipping strokes that work as blood flow stimulators. It also aids in the production of collagen and cell renewal. The results? Your skin gets lifted, toned and much younger. Besides, you’ll have an excellent base for makeup for your special day. Yipee! Another awesome beauty tips and secret uncovered.

#6. Meghan Markle | Foundations are cliche, go for tinted moisturizers

The Duchess of Sussex looks more than elegant every time she steps out of her castles. Meghan is well known for her minimal makeup looks and is much in demand among the fashion magazines of the world. But apart from ditching the foundations, she opted for tinted foundations. Her favorite product is Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser. But I suggest, you must pick a tinted moisturizer that suits you best.

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#7. Jessica Alba | Retinol for improved skin texture

Jessica Alba once revealed that retinol is the secret behind her amazing makeup-free selfies. She not only credits Retinol for keeping her wrinkles in check, but also her spots and overall skin texture. The best part? She feels much younger, inside out. But the trickiest part is the right way of using it. Besides, Retinol is nothing but Vitamin A. It comes packed in a number of your beauty products and health drinks, but improper use could lead to oversensitivity to the sun. it's a brilliant anti-aging weapon, albeit, you use it wisely.

How to be beautiful?

How do celebrities make their face glow is not a question anymore, is it? Well, now you know at least the top seven beauty tips and secrets. Makeup or no makeup, these are easy to adapt to and the results have been proven (almost). Just make sure that you try and test them on a small patch of your skin, instead of going full-on copy-pasting these beauty rituals blindly. Each one of us has different bodies, so what suits one might not suit another. Be careful. You are gorgeous and loved anyways. Wink*