Reasons why your skincare products are not effective

Not seeing the best results from your skincare products is frustrating and confusing. Right? But have you ever wondered why it is happening so? When it comes to a skincare regimen, you always expect the game-changing ingredients to work. However, not every ingredient raved by everyone out there will work perfectly for your skin type and needs. Besides, some ingredients, when used altogether, might cause more harm than good.

Furthermore, there are so many things that are making your best skincare products and routines fail. We know that how bad it sounds even when you are using good skincare products in your regime. But, you need to understand the reason, which is completely wrecking your routine and skin. Stress not; here in this blog, we have listed below some of the reasons why your skincare products are not effective. Besides, we have also shared guidelines for your help to determine the best results from your products. Let's dive into this article!

6 common reasons why your skincare products fail

Below we have shared the six common reasons which are responsible for your product fail.

1. Your skin type has changed

One of the foremost reasons when skincare products are not working effectively on your skin is that your skin type has changed. It would be best if you do not forget that your skin changes as you age; also, due to weather conditions, your skin reacts differently. If you have dry skin, that doesn't mean your skin will remain dry for the rest of your life. As the sebum production decreases with age, your skin tends to become more dehydrated. 

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Moreover, due to hormonal changes, the skin might become oily, or even it can be acne-prone. Therefore, you can not use the same products you have been using for your dry skin earlier. You need to tweak your skincare routine accordingly and start incorporating skincare products for acne and oily skin. Besides, do keep the weather in mind; if your skin is feeling dry in cold weather, switch to products that are thicker or creamy in texture to quench your skin thirst for hydration.

2. You are not following the correct order of skincare products

It is really easy to blame the products but have you ever thought it might be your fault? Applying the skincare products is one thing, but using them correctly matters a lot. You must read the instructions about the product before using it on your face. While following a skincare routine, it is also mandatory to check skincare products' orders and use them correctly in a particular order.

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Besides, we suggest that you layer your products in the thinnest to thickest formulation after cleansing your face. It will allow your lightweight essences and serums to penetrate through the skin quickly without struggling to pass through the more viscous formulations. Moreover, always give few minutes to the product to get completely absorbed into the skin before moving on to the next step. 

3. You are mixing the incompatible ingredients 

The skincare products are not working because you might be mixing the active incompatible ingredients or using them incorrectly. Some active ingredients don't go well together, and you need to take care of this factor to protect your skin from damage. For instance, AHA/BHA and retinoids should not be used together as they will dry down the skin surface and leads to over-exfoliation.

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Besides, Retinol and vitamin C are powerful and potent ingredients; if used together, they can irritate your skin. So, if you want to gain the maximum benefits of these active ingredients, use them on alternate days and only once or twice a week. Moreover, some ingredients need to be used only at night, such as Retinol if applied during the day; its effect will deactivate by the sun rays. Also, applying skincare in the morning is necessary, mainly when you use active ingredients in your skincare regimen.

4. Your skincare products are contaminated

Contamination of products happens when you are using your products for quite some time, and the ingredients in them could have degraded; this usually occurs with the creams stored in the jars.

Moreover, some active ingredients have a limited shelf life which means they degrade and lose their efficacy over time. Besides, if you store them in a humid environment and direct sunlight, it will break down the active ingredient.

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Additionally, ingredients like Vitamin C are often unstable and become oxidized when it comes in contact with light and air; therefore, it loses its potency. Furthermore, the best way to protect and get the most of these active serums is to store them in a cool or dry place, out of direct sunlight. You can even store them in a refrigerator for cooling effect, and the product will be safe for a long time.

5. You are not exfoliating enough

When your skin experience flakiness on its surface, it will not allow products to absorb completely. Also, your skin cells regenerate after every 28 days, and when that happens, new dead skin cells layer forms on the surface of the skin. However, too much dead skin cells build-up will affect the performance of your skin products.

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Therefore, instead of letting your skin cells create a barrier, you must exfoliate your skin regularly with a gentle scrub or a chemical exfoliant. Use  Bright Beauty Peeling Pads by Mello Beauty to help remove the excessive layer of dead skin cells. However, to know the process of exfoliation, must-read  How does exfoliation work on dead skin? 

6. Your skin has become habitual to your current routine

Many people complain that their products have stopped showing results after some time. It happens because their skin becomes used to the products they are using for a while. Moreover, when you first start using AHA in your regimen, your skin will look fresher and brighter, as the renewal of skin cells is faster initially. But, as soon as you become familiar with the concentration, it starts to show fewer results.

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Besides, the dead skin layer also becomes thinner when you keep using the same products, and there are fewer dead skin cells to remove. You won't be able to get the benefits from the same routine. Therefore, you can simply switch the products that offer multiple benefits or increase the concentration of active ingredients to see excellent results. We suggest you try Vitamin C, B, E & Ferulic Serum by Mello Beauty, a potent serum enriched with powerful antioxidants that will help to improve your skin elasticity.

Next time, if you notice that your skincare products are not working, observe the reasons behind them. Also, by making the changes mentioned above, you can enjoy the full benefits of your products.