Quit Salon Sessions With IPL Hair Removal Kit

Quit Salon Sessions With IPL Hair Removal Kit

Are you tired of shaving every alternate day? Are you concerned about the pain caused by waxing? Then, IPL hair removal at home is a great option for all the beauties out there. You do not have to be a scientist or a professional to use the IPL handset for hair removal.

Well, unwanted hair is something that bothers every girl. As much as we envy silky smooth hair-free skin, removing hair from the body is not something we all look forward to. It is time consuming painful process that we all avoid for the longest time possible. But the good news is IPL hair removal at home can be made easy with IPL handset.

Earlier LED light therapy and IPL technology was lesser known to the folks and was something only celebrities used. However, now this technology is available to the beauties across the world. IPL laser hair removal handset are readily available in the market. So what is this beauty gadget all about? Why is the beauty world obsessing over IPL hair removal treatment? Let’s find it out here.

Quit Salon Sessions with IPL At Home Handset

Why Go For IPL Hair Removal At Home?


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a technology that is used to target the hair follicles to inhibit their hair growth. IPL laser hair removal handset uses light to target the hair in a very gentle way. The hair then goes into the resting phase and eventually the body gets rid of the hair. Unlike laser, IPL handset emits different wavelengths that scatter as soon as they enter the skin. The wavelength targets the melanin pigment found in the hair while helping you get smooth and silky skin, you’ve wanted all your life.

IPL hair removal at home can be considered as a safe and convenient option to get rid of the body hair. IPL treatment allows you to get rid of the body hair for at least 6 months. In the beginning, you will have to use the IPL handset twice in two weeks. It provides you immediate results, you can notice a visible reduction in hair growth, moreover, the growth of hair also slows down. For consistent results, you shall use IPL hair removal at home handset for touch-ups for at least once a month. After 8 touch-ups you would need to use IPL laser hair removal handset just once in six months

The best thing about IPL hair removal at home is that it is so much easier than fixing a salon appointment and getting sessions done. The only thing you need to do is turn on the device and you are good to go. It is very easy and safe to use.

Things You Need To Know About IPL Hair Removal At Home


Is IPL hair removal safe? Is it worth the time and money? If that is what you are thinking right now then ladies, you shouldn’t give a second thought before buying IPL laser hair removal handset. The results are pretty quick and long-lasting. So, having silky smooth skin is not something you will have to envy. But here are a few things you need to understand.

IPL hair removal at home for different types of body areas: You can use IPL hair removal handset to get rid of hair on your arms, legs, bikini line, and face. Most IPL hair removal handset comes with different attachments to target different body areas. So, it makes removing body hair easier and quicker.

IPL hair removal for different skin tones: Is IPL hair removal safe and effective for every skin tone? Well, IPL hair removal treatment is one of the most effective treatments out there, as it targets a wide range of skin tones. However, IPL hair removal treatment works best for people with lighter skin and darker hair.

It is a painless method to remove unwanted hair: Say no to the ouches and eh’s you have experienced while waxing and shaving. IPL hair removal at home is a painless method to get rid of unwanted hair. Women who have used IPL hair removal handset find it painless. Even if you have got sensitive skin the method is far more gentle than other hair removal techniques. However, make sure to read the manufacturer's guide while trying your hands on an IPL handset.

Is it a permanent solution to body hair: There are possibly two things that can happen when you go for IPL hair removal at home. IPL hair removal handset will either remove your hair completely or reduce the thickness and density of the body hair. However, make sure to undergo IPL hair removal sessions at home as described in the manufacturer's guide. You need to understand that several factors influence the removal and reduction of hair.

So, Is IPL Hair Removal Safe?

The million-dollar question is that is IPL hair removal at home safe? So, there are some possible side effects of IPL hair removal which are very mild and go away in a day or two. There are lesser-known long term side effects of IPL hair removal handset. Having said that, IPL is not a thing for all so make sure it suits your skin and hair type.

It’s Time to Quit Salon Sessions


Honestly, IPL hair removal at home is something that every girl needs to try. It is something very effective and will cut down your salon expenses. Moreover, IPL hair removal treatment gives you a perfect way to say no to painful waxing sessions or on the go shaving. IPL hair removal handset gives the luxury to have silky smooth skin at the comfort and convenience of your home.