Quarantined? Show your Skin some Love with the Best Beauty Routine Products

Quarantined? Show your skin some love with the best beauty routine products

You may not feel, but your skin needs a lot more loving than usual when you cross a certain age. It is because the skin’s cell turnover slows down with time. Therefore, while you are at home, pay more attention to what your skin needs and cater to it. By this, I do not mean that you have to indulge in an expensive skincare routine. You can try some basic products and get a glow like never before. Today I will be sharing some quarantine beauty remedies for you to try. Make sure you make the most of this time and bring out the best version of yourself.

#1. Try Some Facial Masks

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Masks are super important to hydrate your dull and lifeless skin. You must choose it based on your skin type and use it at least once in fifteen days. However, if you prefer a more natural solution, you could always use homemade remedies. You can incorporate various ingredients and make a mask to heal your skin naturally. To get the best natural beauty routine to work, I’d suggest using half mashed avocado with a teaspoon of honey on your face for at least 15 minutes. It will nourish your face and moisturize it like no other product or pack. You can also add plain yogurt for that extra oomph! To know more about some really interesting DIY masks, take a look at this guide!

If you are dealing with issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and eczema, try using Mello’s LED Face Mask. It soothes the skin and gives it a therapeutic dose.

#2. Cure your Dry Irritated Hands

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With the outbreak of coronavirus, we have all been taking precautions when it comes to the hands. The constant use of handwashes has turned the skin all dry and irritated. Therefore, it is essential that you take care of your hands properly. Moisturize your hands properly with a heavy moisturizer. Apart from that every, give your hands a homemade manicure. The steps are really simple. Read along to know the best beauty routine for dry skin.

  • At first, you need to get rid of your nail paint with the help of a nail paint remover.
  • Prep the cuticles with a cuticle remover and then push them back gently.
  • File or clip your nails accordingly and then exfoliate your hands with a DIY scrub.
  • After that, moisturize your hands. Follow by applying your favorite nail paint and gives your hands some rest.

#3. Wax your Body Hair

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It is impossible to avoid the growth of body hair. What makes it even more difficult is that you cannot go out for a full-body wax session! I feel you, ladies. However, you can turn your bedroom into a salon and get rid of your body hair right at home.

While we are at it, let me share with you my go-to products to remove body hair with ease. First off, you can use Mello’s Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle. It works like magic and gives you a salon-like smooth skin right at home. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to remove body hair, use the IPL Laser Handset by Mello. What more wonderful about this product is that it helps you shun the growth of hair even on the most sensitive parts of the body.

#4. Increase blood circulation in the Facial Skin

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For the blood to circulate properly into your face and leave you all glowy and radiant, a facial massage is very important. However, you have to be careful while massaging your face since the movement of your fingers should be in a certain manner to avoid sagging. For the same purpose, you must include a facial massager in the best simple beauty routine for yourself. Mello’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller is the ultimate fix for whenever your skin feels lifeless and dull. If you want to know the science-backed benefits of Rose Quartz Rollers, stay tuned for the next blog!

#5.Take Care of your Aging Skin

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You must have noticed a few fine lines here and there. To make sure your skin knows how to deal with this, invest in a good anti-aging serum. Apart from that, retinol also works like a miracle when it comes to reversing the impact of aging.

Mello also has something for you in-store, which is the best option to involve in a beauty routine for aging skin. Here is the ultimate Wrinkle Remover that rejuvenates the skin like nothing else.

There are four elements in this kit that stimulate the muscle tissues using electric current that helps to preserve the elasticity.

These ultimate quarantine beauty remedies are perfect for the days when you want your skin to feel pampered and special. Invest in the best beauty routine products by Mello, and make sure you get the most glowing skin naturally!