Preventing Facial Hair Growth in Women

Facial hair growth can get unmanageable and annoying to keep up with. You could be doing everything to contain the situation, but sometimes our bodies can play around. Facial hair growth in women is mostly linked to puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. And guess what? All this is related to the hormones that run through your body. They play a vital role in facial hair growth, weight gain or loss, and stress.

Now, these hormones cannot be eliminated from the equation entirely, but you can learn how to manage it. Practicing a healthy and active lifestyle is one way to keep stress away. To manage facial hair growth, you can choose methods of waxing and laser hair removal. Read along and find out how to stop facial hair growth in females naturally and manage it like a pro. We also have some tips for you to wax your face without any irritating after effects.

Getting rid of facial hair growth can be a gradual process and will need you to be patient. You cannot get rid of them permanently overnight. Moreover, steer clear of shortcuts like shaving your face and regretting it later. Shaving will clear off the hair but lead to coarse and unruly hair growth. Since shaving does not uproot the hair, its growth gets even more triggered. The risk of cuts and bumps and quick hair growth makes shaving the worst hair removal method.

The skin on your face is prone to pain and needs something that is not invasive. Your two viable options here are to shave or laser the facial hair to get the optimum results. Both of the methods are widely used and give amazing results even with sensitive skin. Although, you will need to maintain consistency with both the methods.

Waxing for Facial Hair Growth

If you feel intimidated by waxing your facial hair, well thin over and reconsider. Waxing removes your hair from the roots, hence helps in eliminating them for longer. Moreover, waxing is believed to reduce the hair growth with each consecutive session. The growth cycle of the hair is disrupted and takes longer to regenerate. This is exactly why a lot of women are choosing to wax their facial hair.

For waxing your face, you need special wax that is designed to be sensitive enough to work on your face. You have to ensure that you are picking the right products for your face so that there is the least inflammation. The skin on our face is more susceptible to damage. Hence you need to do a patch test before you go ahead with any treatment.

The right products will help you achieve the desired goals. You can choose hard wax like Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty to make hair removal convenient. Hard wax pulls the hair without tugging on the skin too much and works at a lower temperature. This results in a mess-free waxing and smooth hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal refers to the destruction of hair follicle through a light beam. Removing hair from the laser is a permanent hair removal method, but needs a few sittings. At an interval of 2-4 weeks, the laser procedure is repeated over an area to kill the hair follicle. The follicle is no longer able to contribute to hair growth, leaving you hair-free forever.

You can do this treatment at home with the right tools like IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset by Mello Beauty. It is a handy tool that is easy to operate and gives you long-lasting results while not breaking your bank. Laser hair removal is gentle enough to be done all over your body and works on most of the skin tones with dark-colored hair.

Consistency against Facial hair growth

You cannot achieve permanent goals without being patient and consistent. To prevent facial hair from growing too much, you have to diminish them from the roots. This can be done with consistency and not being lazy in the process. Depending upon your hair growth, you will need to wax your hair after four to six weeks.

In between the waxing sessions, make sure you are not removing your hair by any other hair removal method. For laser, you have to maintain a strict schedule until the hair stops growing in 7-8 sessions. Once you start your hair removal method, you have to be consistent. If you miss one session, the hair growth may get triggered again and get you to square one. Both these methods work to change the physiology of hair follicles, thus needing consistency to show results.

Maintain Skincare

Good skincare is a no brainer when it comes to looking flawless and hair-free. You should follow cleansing and exfoliating rituals for the removal of dead cells from your skin. This also ensures that the hair gets removed easily and does not grow back quicker. After cleansing your skin, apply a hydrating moisturizer to make your skin look plump and healthy.

You can incorporate a night cream in your skincare regimen to maintain youthfulness. Using a clay mask will also help in keeping your pores clean and oil-free. Your skincare habits will ensure that your skin is glowing and free from spots. Additionally, facial hair removal will make your makeup go on smoother and stay on for longer.

Your skincare does not need to include fancy products or be ten steps long. Find the products that work for you and try to stick to the regimen. Eliminate the products that have parabens and fragrance as ingredients. These products can aggravate skin conditions and defeat the purpose of skincare.

Both waxing and laser hair removal is safe and cost-effective, considering they have permanent results. The female facial hair growth can be managed with these while no longer being insecure or a time-consuming chore.

Looking good and feeling presentable can boost your confidence in all areas of life. So, choose convenience while being consistent with the above methods. Your face will be hair free with these efficient hair removal methods without any pain and invasive procedure.