LED Therapy Mask | Effects of each LED light Color

Fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, acne marks, dull skin, and many other issues plague us, especially on the onset of the thirties. While for some unlucky cuties, its an early start, right in their mid-twenties. So what do you do? Hide them under makeup or hide indoors? Well, aging is inevitable, but plainly accepting its consequences is not! So, let’s give it a tough fight with the LED masks that are doing better than your bagful of cosmetics and serums. Besides, it gives quick results, is pain-free and safe, and completely affordable. In fact, it naturally increases the collagen and elastin production which give a youthful glow to your face. Curious? Read on! What’s an LED face mask? In case you are new to this beauty trend, LED face mask work on color light therapy technology. LED stands for light emitting diode, which has been around for years but was limited to laboratories and science experiments, not to mention the LED lighting tubes. Perhaps, just a few years ago, its application for skin care treatments came to fore, and it has been unstoppable ever since. It has been especially popular for its immense anti-aging skin benefits, apart from being suitable for all skin tones. How do LED face mask work? LED face masks make use of different light colors. Now each color light has its own wavelength and hence a different effect on your skin. They also penetrate the skin to different depths. While the harmful UV rays are completely absent. The best part, however, is that it works without employing any chemicals, drugs or physical abrasion. Moreover, LED masks are safe for all age groups, even teenagers. You will also not have to spend hours under this mask, and just 15 to 20 minutes sessions will suffice. The effects of different LED lights on your face Some LED face masks have one or two colors, while others like that of Mello Beauty have seven LED colored lights. So come let’s have a look at what each light color can do for you. Purple: The color of royalty, purple light will treat you nothing less than a queen. It can effectively tighten your pores, and strengthen the protein tissues in your skin, thereby enhancing its natural rejuvenation capability. Natural rejuvenation means, better blood circulation and natural cell regeneration. Blue: The blue light is a germ killer. Especially, if you have acne prone sensitive skin, blue light therapy will calm your skin like magic. While blackheads and whiteheads will get collateral damage. Some mask makers also claim that their blue light will help whiten the color of your teeth. So, smile, please! Cyan: A level up from the blue light, cyan light from LED face mask can increase your skin's protein and collagens. subsequently, your skin will be less oily and have fewer breakouts. Also, the capillaries will get some rest and you’ll notice a boost in your skin’s metabolism. Even if you have an irritant skin, it will be all pleased. Did I mention that it will lighten your skin tone too? Green: anti-aging, even skin tone, stress buster, you get all the green signals to use this light. Green phototherapy light is a one-shot solution to wrinkles, acne scars, blackheads, whiteheads, and gives you an even toned smooth skin. Surprisingly, its also a wound healer, so any fresh acne will be healed faster. Yellow: They say poison kills poison, same goes for yellow. Yellow color s the soother of sunburns and rashes. And also helps in skin inflammation and also boosts your skin’s immunity against bacteria. Orange: Sometimes also referred to as Amber, Orange light from the LED mask is a must if you crave for lustrous skin. It is powerful for treating Rosacea, Eczema, and other skin ailments. Leaving behind, a calm and sooth skin that glows flawlessly. Red: Red is the most used LED light therapy color, that promotes blood circulation and your skin’s elasticity. Which means lesser wrinkles and more smiles and laughter. Also, since it penetrates much deeper into the skin, its effects are long-lasting and better than other LED light colors. Infrared: This is the most powerful of the lot and also has the deepest penetrability. It can be used to magnify the results of all other LED light therapy mask colors.
Side effects of LED face mask There have hardly been any side effects of this amazing skin rejuvenation method. However, the most sensitive among us may feel and little tingling, along with redness, rashes, or even some inflammation. But nothing major. So rest assured. What’s the difference between Mello Beauty’s LED Therapy Mask and the one in Salon? Not much! Mello Beauty has one of the best LED Therapy Masks, which is known for its magnificent results. You can use this device at home at your convenience, and whenever you need. Besides, it is easy to use and operate, and not to mention, it delivers on its promise. To Conclude! So all the craze for these LED Masks is for real. And now that you know what the different colored LED lights from the LED Therapy mask do, make the most of it, with just a little investment. So buy the LED Therapy Mask and let age be just a number! Rock on!