LED light therapy for wrinkles? Is it worth it?

Wrinkles and fine lines are two coworkers that are a nightmare for every female out there. And since they believe in gender equality, men are no exception! The first encounter with a wrinkle is generally at the age of twenty-five. While some lucky ladies, notice them on the onset of their thirties. But the question is, that is there are way out? And a permanent one?

Yes, my lady, there is. LED light therapy for wrinkles is a magic wand for not just those creases on your face, but many other issues as well. To name a few, you can get rid of open pores, rashes, acne, marks, inflammation, etc. Now, it’s obvious to be skeptical of these claims, as they seem too good to be true. Anyhow, this article will help you gain more insight into how LED light therapy can help erase the wrinkles on your pretty face.

So ready to reverse the hands of time and meet the new you, you deserve to be? Read on!

LED mask therapy for wrinkles

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

Human skin has a certain elasticity, which diminishes with age. The reason for this elasticity reduction is lower production of collagen as we age. As a consequence, skin loses its ability to bounce back and first fine lines develop along the creases of mouth and eyes. And with time it gradually emerges on the forehead and other parts of the face and body as well.

Now there are some factors that contribute to this scenario. Firstly, it could be your genetics, which is naturally programmed to age earlier than others. Secondly, it could be factors like pollution, stress, exposure to harmful chemical cosmetics and treatments, etc. Either way, the harm is done, and you are cringing to get rid of your embarrassing wrinkles.

red light therapy for wrinkles

How does LED light therapy work on your wrinkles?

LED or the Light Emitting Diode has an amazing history with respect to its inception. But I’ll spare you the details except that it’s NASA’s years of research behind this technology. The point to note, however, is that for removing wrinkles, LED light therapy has a promising solution. Before we delve into light therapy, you must know that each light color has a different wavelength and thus a different effect on your skin. Thus, one LED mask can help you treat more than one signs of aging from your face.

LED mask use the therapeutic technique of low wavelength light energy, which is more close to natural light. When the light falls on your skin, it penetrates inside up to different levels, depending on the color, and treat the skin problems from within. Thus, it is absolutely chemical free and safe for all skin types and colors.

The red light therapy is well known for its anti-aging benefits and is the real wrinkle killer. Red light from the LED mask, boosts the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which in turn aids the mechanisms of cell regeneration, metabolism, blood circulation, etc. Therefore, the skin’s natural capability for producing collagen also gets supplemented. While reduced pores, softness, even tone, and smooth texture will come along as collateral. Red light therapy also detoxifies your skin and you’ll notice a glow that’ll look absolutely real.

Once you start using LED light therapy for wrinkles consistently, your stretch marks and scars, will also fade and be soon bygone. The sun damage can also be reversed, albeit a bit slowly. Besides, since LED mask has more than one light color, you can use them for additional anti-aging benefits on your face. And this is why red light is accounted for being the best LED light therapy for wrinkles and other skin care needs.

Mello Beauty LED mask

Is LED light therapy for wrinkles safe?

Yes absolutely! Since it’s a completely noninvasive technique, besides the light is within visible range, there’s nothing you need to worry about. However, some of you might slight redness and swell immediately after use. But no worries, it will be gone within a few minutes or an hour. Besides, you are free to do makeup, if in case you need to go out immediately after a session. Or else, It might actually be a good idea to rock the makeup-free look!

To Conclude!

LED light therapy for wrinkles can indeed work wonders for your beauty goals. A younger-looking refreshed and glowing skin will be all yours, with visible results from the first use itself. For best results, however, try the LED mask from Mello Beauty, which will deliver salon-like quality in the comfort of your home. So just grab a LED therapy mask and clear a cozy nook in your house, and you are ready to pamper yourself to the luxury of elegant phototherapy treatment. So it’s absolutely worth every penny and minute you spend on it!