Laser vs IPL Hair Removal | Who’s the winner?

Laser vs IPL Hair Removal | Who’s the winner?

Smooth legs, waxed brows, trimmed hair, flawless skin - these are the main boxes in most women’s daily beauty checklist. Yet the most painful of them all is the hair removal processes. Threading pinches the skin ruthlessly, and razors are mean, nevertheless.

In such a scenario, Lasers and IPL come as skin saviors. But do you really know what they are, how they work, their effects and which one’s a better hair removal method for you? Well, a quick read will clear all your doubts about the IPL vs laser debate. Here you go!

Similarities between Laser and IPL hair removal
Laser hair removal makes use a concentrated beam of light that kills hair from the core. When this beam falls on the hair, the melanin (color imparting pigment) present in the hair. This, in turn, heats up the hair to its end, that is, the follicle which is responsible for hair growth. Consequently, your hair regrowth gets delayed or halted altogether.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and uses a broad wavelength light to remove the hair from the skin. And thus IPL hair removal works in a similar manner as Lasers. The hairs are zapped from the follicle in the same way and you’ll have to go through multiple sessions for permanent hair removal. However, there’s a minor difference between the two. Let’s see.

IPL vs laser | What’s the difference?
Here are a few very basic differences to resolve the IPL vs laser contest. The two hair removal methods have been compared with reference to some important pointers, that have an impact on your hair removal experience.

Light Source:
The main difference between the two hair removal methods is the type of light they use. Laser hair removal devices use monochromatic light which means the light is of a particular wavelength and color (red). The light from a laser hair removal device is consistent and collimated. Which in simple words mean that each light wave is of the same wavelength, and also parallel to each other.

On the other hand, IPL uses a broad spectrum light that is exactly the opposite of the laser hair removal light. It is neither made of light beams of identical wavelength nor parallel. For this reason, some may call IPL as less effective, but it also makes IPL safe for use at home. Moreover, IPL’s white light is comparable to the natural white light, with a tinge of reddish glow on the skin.

Targeting style:
Both the hair removal techniques work a bit differently. While laser hair removal devices target a specific area on the skin, IPL has wider coverage. This could also mean that lasers are more precise than IPL. For more clarity on what the targeting means here, see the image below.

Treatable areas:
Both the light-based hair removal treatments can be used on almost all body parts, below the eye area. However, Lasers are a tad strong for sensitive areas than IPL. In fact, it is advisable to get a laser treatment in the cooler months, so as to avoid the sun and the heat. Besides, you have to be extra careful with your eyes while dealing with lasers, and that’s why salon experts make their clients wear safety goggles. IPL is, however, less harmful, though caution is still adviced. Thus on the scale of treatable areas, the IPL vs laser debate slightly tilts towards IPLs.

Pain severity:
Lasers hair removal or IPL hair removal, both feel like a rubber band has been snapped against your skin. However, since lasers have more focused light, they are slightly more painful than IPL. For this very reason, many women prefer IPL over Lasers.

Price comparison:
Without doubt, IPL hair removal is much easier on the pocket. While laser hair removal comes with hefty price tags in salons. The at-home laser hair removal devices are also not an alternative, as they could either be too strong for you to handle or they will come with ineffective intensities. IPL, on the contrary, seek humble humble one-time investments, which need no refilling or any other device maintenance costs.

At home hair removal:
Though both the treatments are commercially available, you’ll have an extra advantage with respect to IPL. Even though not a secret, you can easily buy an IPL hair removal device and use at home, yourself, or with some help. The same is not possible with Lasers though.

Additional Benefits of IPL:
Apart from the laser vs IPL debate, IPL technology also has a role in enhancing your beauty naturally. For instance, it renders a photorejuvenation effect which can treat an array of skin issues, from pigmentation to acne. So, expect additional glow on your skin with IPL hair removal, as collateral.

Some Quick Laser vs IPL facts
I guess, we have already discussed that, but let’s summarise them all for the skimmers amongst us.

Lasers IPL hair removal
A more intense beam of monochromatic light Less intense light, though similar to the natural light.
Must be preferably used through a salon service Can be used ta both salon and home.
More expensive. Less expensive.
More painful. Less painful.
More likely to cause intense side effects. Only minor side effects, usually treatable within minutes to hours.
- Supplementary photorejuvenation benefits

So who’s the winner?
Needless to say, IPL hair removal is the best bet if you are looking for a permanent at home hair removal method. It is more convenient to use, less costly, and handy to use. Besides, you can also expect to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, so with IPL, you will not only lose your body hair but also many of the visible signs of aging. So it is a complete win-win, isn't it?

So then why go for lasers and rip your self off your hard earned money for a more painful hair removal treatment, when your IPL device is ready to serve its queen, anytime, any day. Just get your Mello Beauty IPL hair removal device and add a difference to your skin care regimen.