Is Treating Ingrown Hair Possible At Home?

Ingrown hairs, these two words evoke so much fear. In our search for soft, stubble-free skin, ingrown hairs are a nuisance at best and cause anxiety at worst (trust me, you don't want to experience what they look like when they get spoiled). So, whether they come up as bumps on your legs or wreaking havoc on your bikini area, ingrown hairs are an uninvited guest that can direct to profound inflammation, discomfort, and even scarring. 

treating an ingrown hair

However, ingrown hairs are not challenging to get rid of. In simplest terms, as your hair grows, it may curl inward and become trapped beneath the surface of your skin. This happens because the dead skin cells clog up your hair follicles. In addition, ingrown hairs also exist due to your hair's natural growth shape. So, unfortunately, those who have curly hair might suffer the most. Dealing with ingrown hairs can be difficult, but what you really need to know is to try and control the infection until it breaks into the skin. Is treating ingrown hair possible at home? If you have the same question on your mind, then the answer is "Yes." 

Continue reading to know a few steps and remedies that can quickly banish bumps and keep pesky ingrown hairs at bay.

How To Treat Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hair is a common issue that occurs from hair removal. It can strike anyone, but usually, it occurs when the tweezed, waxed, or shaved hair grows back into the skin. It can cause pain, tiny bumps in that area. Below I have shared a few tips which can make treating ingrown hairs an easy peasy task.

1. Draw up the hair

You must keep the area of ingrown hair clean by using anti-bacterial or anti-acne soaps every morning when taking a shower. Use a wet washcloth or an exfoliating scrub and rub gently in a circular motion to pull out the hair from the skin. Try Amber Honey Cleansing Scrub, which includes amber granules to provide mild exfoliation. 

treating an ingrown hair boil


In addition, you can even try a hot compress on the ingrown hair thrice a day. Leave the compress for nearly 15 minutes on that area. 

2. Try to remove hair gently

First, keep track of the ingrown hair bump regularly to check if the hair is visible above the skin's surface. Once the hair emerges on the skin surface, you can use tweezers to lift the hair gently. If you notice that the hair is intense and leads to the development of cysts, look for a dermatologist. Sometimes, severe cases of ingrown hair cysts may require surgical removal. 

3. Try a tea tree oil soak

Tree tea oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial properties, so it can be found in many acne products. Are you still thinking about how to get rid of ingrown hair with oil? Soak the washcloth with tea tree oil diluted with warm water. Now, place the washcloth on the affected area just like a compress. To prepare a tea tree oil soak, mix ten drops of tea tree oil with 4-6 ounces of water. Tea tree oil soak is also one of the best methods for treating an ingrown hair boil. This will help to unblock the pores, release debris, and reduce inflammation. 

how to get rid of ingrown hair

4. Use retinoids

Retinoids like tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova) can expedite the clearing up of dead skin cells. Besides, they also help to fade away the dark skin patches that form due to ingrown hair. However, you need a prescription from your dermatologist to try retinoids. They can cause skin dryness, so do apply a layer of hydrating moisturizer afterward. 

ingrown hair cyst

You can even try the retinol creams at home once or twice a week with a low percentage of retinol in them. My favorite is Encapsulated Retinol Cream, which contains 0.5% retinol and helps to diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. But, never forget to apply your broad-spectrum sunscreen after using retinoids. 

How To Prevent The Ingrown Hairs?

Many skin experts suggest that the best method to prevent ingrown hairs is to get the laser hair removal treatment. Since this procedure gets deep into the root of the hair to eliminate it. But, if that is not your choice, try a few at-home grooming ways to make a change. 

Exfoliate before shaving

Exfoliation helps to eliminate the dry, old cells on the top layer of the skin. Prior to shaving or waxing, it is crucial to prep your skin for a clean surface and a clean shave. With exfoliation, debris and dead skin cells will not clog the pores. Besides, you can try the dry brushing method, in which you need to brush your skin with a stiff-bristled and dry brush before shaving. In addition, cleanse the area with a cleanser that includes glycolic acid. 

treating an ingrown hair boil


If you are tired and frustrated from shaving and tweezing, you can get silky, clean skin without many things to do. Try the IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset to say goodbye to the ingrown hairs. This is a very easy-to-use device, and you don't need to book an appointment for a beauty salon; you can get a hair-free body from the comfort of your home.

treating an ingrown hair

I hope you will find all these remedies helpful, try them in your routine, and avoid getting ingrown hairs. Don't forget to soothe, moisturize, and restore your skin for a beautiful feel and look. 

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