Is IPL Really A Permanent Hair Removal Method?

Is IPL Really A Permanent Hair Removal Method?

When was the last time you enjoyed your hair removal? Let me guess - there was never a first because whatever way you choose, those abrupt hairs are always back from the dead. This makes for another genuine statement- we are all tired of bearing those painful hair removal routines, and crave for permanent hair removal. And its the same story with so many of us. But not anymore!

IPL will be a game changer for you as it's much painless, clutter-free, fast and safe, all at the same time. Moreover, if you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, IPL can again be your answer. But first, let’s learn a little more about IPL, before answering your question.

What is IPL hair removal? How does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which through a handheld device throws a powerful pulse of light onto the skin to treat various skin problems, besides hair removal. It uses visible broad spectrum light, also known as polychromatic light. This light is known to target melanin (a natural pigment present in skin and hair). So when it is applied onto the skin, it travels through its layers until it reaches the roots of hairs. These hair roots are called hair follicles, which are gold mines of Melanin, and that’s where the real action takes place.

As soon as Melanin absorbs the light energy from the IPL hair removal device, the hair papilla present in the follicle generates heat and burns out. Since the papilla is responsible for hair growth, this permanently damages the hair follicle. So, if you have darker skin, your skin will absorb more light and cause more discomfort. Similarly, if you have dark hairs, it will work better than those having lighter shades of hair. All in all, if you have light skin and dark hair you can make the most of this hair removal treatment.

But is IPL really a permanent hair removal method?

To be honest - yes it is, or rather say, it's ‘almost’ permanent!

But before explaining what this ‘almost’ stands for here, let’s see what USFDA has to say about permanent hair reduction.

USFDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is a US federal agency that deals with health and safety factors of consumer goods. As per USFDA, permanent hair reduction means long term and durable decline in hair growth, and not that the hair never grows back for a lifetime. Moreover, it also maintains that the hair regrowth period must be longer than the hairs natural growth cycle. Confused? Let’s now dig a little deeper into the hair follicles.

Each hair during its growth cycle goes through three stages - Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. Anagen is when the hair is young and vigorous. It grows actively and longer. Catagen is when the hair gets separated from the follicle and hence also from its nutrient supply. Telogen stage is when the hair follicle is dormant until the Anagen stage takes over.

So an IPL hair removal treatment is most effective when your hair is in the Anagen stage. That’s because of the higher presence of melanin in this stage means more damage to the follicle. Also, you will need more than one sessions, because not all hairs are in the same stage at a time, and every time a hair reaches its Anagen stage, is when they are destroyed.

To conclude

IPL is indeed permanent! And to maintain this permanent freedom from body hair, all you'll have to do is be consistent with its use. However, results may vary from device to device and person to person. Moreover, hair regrowth will also depend on your IPL schedules which will have an impact on the treatment. So its best to choose the most effective IPL hair removal handset for a permanent hair removal solution. Try Mello Beauty’s IPL hair removal handset, and see the magic happen. Your hair will reduce from the first use and its also a great one-time investment towards achieving flawless skin. So when are you buying your IPL buddy, for its high time that you must ditch your razors, tweezers, waxing, and epilators, altogether? Rise and shine beautifully!