Is IPL Hair Removal Safe For Your Skin?

Is IPL hair removal safe for your skin?

How many times have you daydreamt of having epicly smooth arms and legs, without a spec of hair? On top, no rude stubbles, ingrown hair or the need to pay salons and screaming off your lungs. Your dream can come true! Wonder how? Read on!

Embrace the IPL regimen and your hair full days will become passe. IPL (intense pulsed light) is a fast and long term way to deal with your body hair. IPL has now become a proven technology as more and more women out there are getting treating themselves to its decent luxury. However, there are many who question its safety and side effects.

For the curious souls, I have penned down a detailed article, which will enlighten you on the possible safety concerns. For this purpose, I will go through different aspects of IPL hair removal at home. I hope it’ll help!

is ipl hair removal safe for you

So back to the main question...

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe For Your Skin?

Yes, absolutely!

And this affirmation comes with apt reasoning!

Is the IPL light source safe?

Firstly, unlike the monochromatic light used in laser hair removals, IPL uses broad-spectrum light. This light is much close to the natural visible light that surrounds us. It only has a tinge of reddish glow, which appears due to enhanced intensity. This light is completely safe for your skin as it is FDA and TGA approved. So you can rest assured of its application on your body.

How does IPL Light react with skin and hair?

When this light falls on your skin and hair, the melanin (skin coloring pigment) present in the hair absorb the heat energy. This light penetrates deeper into the skin and reaches the root of the hair. Due to the immense heat energy the hair follicle, also called the root of the hair bursts, or we can say destroys. This is how you get rid of your hair. And since the hair is destroyed from its follicle, you’ll see a visible reduction and delay in hair regrowth.

Now, the skin too has melanin and people with darker skin have a higher presence of it. So naturally, when the IPL light falls on your skin, your skin’s melanin will also absorb some heat energy. Naturally, you feel a tiny prickling sensation, but it won’t linger for long. Additionally, some redness may also appear on your skin, but too will go away in an hour or two.

Is it safe for all skin tones?

Normally you might have heard or read about laser light being harsh or ineffective on dark skin tones. While it's more painful for people with dark skin, the laser finds it difficult to work on light hair colors.

But, unlike laser hair removal treatments, IPL is less focussed. So while it will pain a little less on your skin, it will work better for most shades of hair.

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Is IPL hair removal as painful as waxing and threading?

The harsh pull of waxing strips involves pulling off a layer of skin and hair and feels much like ripping apart your flesh. Especially if you have low pain tolerance, you might have already abandoned the idea of waxing.

IPL, on the contrary, is much gentle on your skin. Though you’ll definitely feel a prickly stinge, you’ll get used to it in no time. Besides, the IPL light heat is not as hot as applying molten wax on your skin

Are there any side effects after the IPL session?

IPL is smooth as a feather. Such that you can go out on a fun date immediately after your IPL hair removal session. Though you may notice slight redness on your skin, you can cover it up with some makeup. And it's absolutely safe to do so. However, it's better to let your skin breath and heal at its pace.

Moreover, you must try and avoid the sun and hot water for a few days after a session. This is because your skin’s sensitivity will increase after exposure to IPL and necessary precautions are advised.

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Is IPL safe for sensitive areas?

Since IPl is less intense than lasers, you can feel free to use it from head to toe, but below the eyes. So you can feel free to use it on bikini areas and even Brazillian. Besides, salons are always cautious against laser light getting in the eye. With IPL same is advised.

Is IPL light carcinogenic?

This FDA approved technology is not cancer-causing. In fact, it may even remove precancerous lesions, thus protecting you from the impending danger (if any).


It's apt to say that IPL hair removal is safe for most of us. You can easily use it at home or carry it around on vacations or special occasions. Besides, it also brings along multiple benefits. For instance, it photorejuvenation effect eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, on your face and other body parts. And even reduces acne and dark spots. So that’s quite a bonus you’ll get in addition to the hair-free body.

The best part though is that you’ll save on your costly salon appointments and have more time and money to splurge on yourself. You definitely deserve a treat. Kudos!