Is Cold Weather Good For Your Skin

With the decrease in temperature outside, your skin may be the first to show signs of it. You may find it beneficial to know how the cold weather and harsh winds affect the skin. The general effect of cold weather is dry and itchy skin if you skip on a good moisturizer. However, winters have some positive effects on the skin, including reduced inflammation and redness. Let us find is cold weather good for your skin. Meanwhile, read about some tips for effective winter skincare by professional dermatologists and aestheticians.


The humidity in the air decreases when the atmosphere is dry in winter. This leads to dehydration of the epidermis, and the skin becomes dry. You may observe some itching, scaling, and flakiness in the skin. Moreover, it may cause new fine lines and deepen wrinkles that are already there. Therefore, you may need to level up your skincare in winters to keep your skin healthy and happy. We will learn how to manage flaky, dry skin in this article, along with the ways winters help the body and skin.

Cold Weather Benefits

It may seem unbelievable, but cold weather has several restoring benefits to the mind and the body. Let’s take a look.

You may burn more calories

In cold temperatures, your body works a little harder to maintain the core body temperature. It takes up more calories than usual to keep your body warm and humidify the cold air we breathe in. So, this results in burning more calories, which explains the hunger in the winters. Make sure you eat healthily and keep your body hydrated to stay warm in the winters.

Winter can lower inflammation

Your struggles with cold-weather itchy skin may reduce in winters as it may reduce inflammation. Moreover, your joints, skin, and muscles feel less achy and inflamed in colder temperatures. This is because the cold air acts as a natural cold compression ice pack. It reduces any signs of inflammation and puffiness, which may come in handy for your dark circles and skin.

You sleep better in the cold temperatures

When we fall asleep, the core body temperature reduces the natural reparative functions of the skin and the organs. It is about two hours faster in winters than in summers. Therefore, it makes you sleep better and deeper in winters along with the longer days to enjoy the slumber. This implies you don’t need blackout curtains to fall asleep. You will get enough beauty sleep to restore the glow to the skin.

You may suffer from fewer allergies

Winters is a perfect time for those who suffer from pollen allergies. During this time, the pollen is not present in the air as it is snowy and cold. So, you can go outside as much as you want to without the worries of pollen and dust, causing redness in your skin. However, stay safe from the dust mites and woolen clothes allergies.

It can rejuvenate the skin

Cold weather is great for the skin rejuvenation process as it constraints the blood vessels. It makes the blood vessels less prone to redness and swelling with the reduction in blood flow. Moreover, your skin will produce less oil and sebum, which will prevent new breakouts in the winters. The issues of cold weather acne will reduce significantly, and your skin will appear clean and clear.

How is Cold Weather Good For Your Skin?

Since cold weather reduces the inflammation, it reduces the pore size of the skin. This prevents too much oil secretion, which is beneficial for people who have a combination of oily skin conditions. Moreover, the reduction in oil production and pore size may reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads.

What should be ideal cold-weather skin care?

Your basic skin care methods in the winters should be nourishing and protective for the skin. It is ideal for including products that repair the skin without being too aggressive.

Mildly cleanse your skin

Use a mild non-drying cleanser with lukewarm water to clean your face. Avoid over washing your skin as it may dry your skin and make it flaky. Ensure that you follow up your shower with a long-wear moisturizer or oils. Also, pay attention to your hands, feet, lips, and body with regular exfoliation and relaxing massages.

Sun protection in winters

You may feel the sun is less harsh on the skin, but it may not be true with the harmful UV rays. Even on a cloudy day, the harsh rays do not filter and may affect the skin. It is vital to use a high SPF on the skin to prevent photodamage and premature aging. Protect your skin from cold winds and sun’s rays to keep it smooth and wrinkle-free.

Cultivate healthy habits

You may add the right skincare products to your routine and still end up with dry and dehydrated skin. It may be due to unhealthy eating habits, tobacco, and alcohol. These substances degrade the corneal layer of the skin and oxidize the free radicals to do more damage. Also, they reduce the blood flow to the skin surface and reduce collagen production. Cultivating good eating habits and avoiding harmful substances may be a solution to prevent premature aging and peeling in the skin. It will prevent dry skin due to cold weather and maintain the health of the skin.

Now you know how cold weather is good for your skin and what are its benefits. It may require a slight change in the skin regime but is easily manageable. With some mild skincare products, your skin can look great in all weather conditions. In our next article, we will learn how to fix dry skin in winter.