IPL Treatment Schedule & What To Expect

IPL Treatment Schedule & What To Expect

IPL treatment is the next big thing after lasers and hard wax, to kick out the uninvited guests - ‘the hair’ off your skin. For those who aren’t aware, IPL stands for Intense pulsed light, which is only a tad different from the lasers. Just like lasers, IPL also removes hair by targeting its pigment (melanin), to destroy the hair right from its follicle, though with lesser intense light. But as a bonus, IPL will also render you with photorejuvenation and pimple free glowing skin. So it's a complete win-win situation.

However, you might be a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of IPL treatment or what to expect after each session. But here we are with an amazing cure to your dilemmas. Just read through and get the answers to all your queries.

What to expect ‘during’ your IPL treatment?
Whether you are using an IPL handset at home or using a salon’s service, there are certain steps to be followed during the treatment. But before you start, you must arrange for dark glasses, to protect your eyes from IPL flashes. Though most IPL devices work only when in contact with the skin. You must also not have a tan, or else your skin will absorb more light which will only add extra discomfort.

So, get set go!

  1. The first thing to do is to clean your skin so that it’s absolutely free of dirt or impurities.
  2. Second, you must shave off the extra hair off your skin. Please note that only shaving is recommended, not waxing or threading, as, for IPL treatment to work properly, you need hair with the follicle.
  3. Then, you must switch on the device and adjust the intensity as per your requirements. Also choose the flash type (stamp or glide), available on most IPL hair removal handsets. You must refer to the device instructions for selecting appropriate settings.
  4. Once your skin and device are ready, you will just have to gently move the IPL hair removal handset over your skin. Please note that it is supposed to be in touch with the skin, in a vertical position to work properly.
  5. Hold down the button and snap, snap, snap… you will feel a tinge of pain on every flash. But this will only be instant.
  6. If you miss any spots, you can go back and cover it again. Your skin might get a bit reddish, and the redness generally goes away in a few hours. Some might also notice a little swelling, but that’s also normal.
  7. That’s it! Put on your best dress and you are ready to rock that party with your fresh and gleaming skin.

The procedure may take between 30 minutes to an hour to cover the face. The time depends on your speed and how much you pause in between.

What to expect ‘after’ your IPL treatment?
After your first session, it will be appropriate to schedule subsequent sessions at a months gap. But you surely don’t need to make it a thumb rule. Thus, you must go for the next schedule only when you feel the need to, and you'll need at least three to six treatments to get completely flawless skin. However, to retain the effects of an IPL treatment, consistency is the key. So there are a certain number of sessions you need to undergo for achieving long term results. I have included only the initial four.

Session 1 and 2
(Week 1 and Week 3)

You are ready to out and about your daily routine shortly after the first session. But immediately after you are done with your first IPL treatment, your skin might remain tad sensitive for a few days. You’ll need to avoid direct sunlight, hot water, etc.

However, even the first session can deliver visible results. Though different skin issues will take different time frames to resolve. So while your sun spots might fade away in a couple of sessions, fine lines might need just one. The reason to gap them at thirty days is to give your skin the time to heal naturally. Gradually, you’ll also notice that your sessions will become shorter and so will be your skin’s healing time.

One tip - feel free to cover up the redness immediately after the IPL treatment, if you need to go out immediately.

Session 2 & 4
(Week 5 and Week 7)

By the time you are done with the second and fourth session, you’ll notice enhanced results. This may include reduced pigmentation, sun damage, freckles, spider veins, and even rosacea, etc. Especially your facial skin will become more clear, healthier and flaunt-worthy. Even your hair growth will get considerably reduced and will take longer to grow back. Your skin will also react less sensitively to the IPL treatment’s flashes.

Some maintenance tips
Once every 2-3 months

By this point, your hard work will most likely be paying off. Your skin will turn silky smooth for the next couple of months after each application. This will also mean that your hair growth will go from little to almost invisible hair follicles. However, permanent hair removal with IPL is not possible, though. These effects will only last until being treated.


While IPL treatment can help reduce so many of your skin problems, there’s one important point to note. That is, to get the best of results, you need to buy a reliable IPL handset and Mello Beauty’s IPL hair removal device is one such buddy you can rely upon. So now that you know what to expect of your IPL treatment sessions, feel free to explore IPl treatment and the new you.