Must Know IPL Laser Hair Removal Tips for Dark-Skinned Women

Must Know IPL Laser Hair Removal Tips for Dark-Skinned Women

If you worry about not having time going to saloons and get your IPL Treatment, worry no more, this at-home IPL device is a perfect fit to your busy schedule. Question is, is your skin tone suitable for this at-home device? Before purchasing a device, you must know if that is compatible to your skin tone. Effective IPL device combined this with other energies, these combinations increases the effect of IPL. These used lower intensity IPL that’s safe for dark and black skin. And it’s still effective to disable the hair follicles. Did you know? Many years ago, IPL never worked on women with medium to dark skin. But thanks to the awareness and advances of technology, devices has been enhanced and upgraded to improve the effectivity of IPL.

Here are helpful tips for dark-skinned Women who want to try IPL Treatment:

1. Prep your skin.

As much as possible stop using skin care products at least five days before your IPL Treatment, these will make your skin more sensitive. Check your skin care products if they contain harsh ingredients such as-- glycolic and salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide, and any retinoids (including tretinoin and adapalene).

2. Vampire mode on: keep out of the sun.

As mentioned above, avoid exposing yourself from the sun but if you can’t avoid these instances, packed yourself with proper sun protection or SPF. If you use tinted moisturizer or even foundation with SPF these are not really liable as substitutes. Sometimes being exposed to the sun can cause people’s tone to deepen and darken. Thus, it is advisable to base your skin during Summer months. It is important to understand what your skin tone is.

3. Waiting game for best results.

It will usually take about six to eight sessions because darker skin requires more treatments. Thus, don’t expect to see the effectivity in one go, you need to patiently wait to see the results. The darker your hair color, the better because dark hair has lots of dark melanin pigment but IPL devices work on black, dark brown, brown and light brown / dark blonde hair. IPL will target and heat up to damage the follicle and stop hair growth. Get yourself an at-home Mello IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset and see the difference it can make to your skin in no time.