IPL Handsets & Hard Wax For Your Beauty Routine

IPL Handsets & Hard Wax For Your Beauty Routine

Does your hair removal routine leave you frustrated? Does it take too much of your precious time? Is permanent hair removal from salons and clinics too expensive for you? Or are you just looking for another advanced hair removal service?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, voila! You are on the right page. Like many other women, you must have used multiple approaches for hair removal, from shaving and hair removal creams to threading, waxing, epilators, and what not. But none could win your heart, is it? But we have a duo that can seamlessly fit onto all your hair removal routines, requirements, and expectations, (without leaving you bankrupt). Ladies, I am talking about IPL hair removal Handsets and Hard Wax. And here’s what they are, how they work, and all else you need to know about them.

IPL Hair Removal Handsets

IPL or the Intense Pulsed Light is modern light therapy for hair removal, just tad different from its close cousin, Lasers. IPL’s emit a broad spectrum of high-intensity light of different wavelengths onto the skin, which in turn kills the hair follicle, blessing you with flawlessly smooth skin for a whopping three months. The best part - You can use it on any part of your body, as it has different intensity settings, thus you can always tone it down for sensitive areas. Plus, its handiness renders it the travel-friendly tag.


Hard Wax

Hard Wax, on the other hand, removes hair from the root, except that it is much less painful than the ordinary soft wax used for hair removal. Moreover, you can also reapply the hard wax on the same area more than once, and will not harm your skin, unlike soft wax which feels like lava on reapplication. Plus, they also don’t destroy the hair follicle and can be removed in any direction. Thus, making it a great plus for using it at home, by yourself.

Which area of the body to use them on?

The IPL hair removal handsets can easily glide over larger skin surfaces, like your arms and legs. While you can put the hard wax to use on the smaller application areas, for instance, underarms, bikini areas, etc. Moreover, hard wax works as a quick fix solution, while IPL hair removal takes some time to prove its effectiveness.

How to use?

Using both of them is a child's play, yet you need to take certain measures. It’s your precious skin after all! So, while using the IPL hair removal technique follow the following three basic steps.

  • Firstly, cleanse, shave and towel dry your skin for best results
  • Secondly, most IPL handsets come with different setting and energy levels, so select one. Preferably the beginner one.
  • Thirdly, you will have to slowly glide the convenient IPL hair removal handset over your skin and see the magic happen.


For using Hard wax at home,

  • Cleanse the area where hard wax is to be applied.
  • You may apply some light oil (for dry skin) or powder (for oily skin) on the skin surface.
  • Then apply the wax onto the skin surface through a wooden ice cream stick. A dollop sized amount will suffice at once.
  • Then let it sit for a few seconds until its no longer sticky and gently peel it off. The faster the removal, the lesser the pain.

Note: For best results, read instructions on the packaging!

First timers! - Sample test smaller patches of skin to check for side effects, irritations, etc.

How often to use and How effective are they?

The effects of an IPL hair removal treatment lasts for around 2 to 3 months. You may have to apply it once a week initially, though, on consistent applications, you may enjoy a longer hair-free period. On the contrary, hard wax can be used as soon as your hairs grow back. And this time gap is usually of the duration of three to four weeks, varying from person to person. And after three to four treatments of both, you will notice a visible reduction in hair growth.

Are they safe?

Yes, Absolutely! IPL hair removal and hard wax are extremely safe on the skin. And this has been proven by a myriad of researchers. But be cautious of certain temporary side effects, that vanish off in a couple of hours. For more info on these, you may read our blog - ‘Is IPL treatment really painless?’. Moreover, IPL handsets are noncarcinogenic. In fact, some of them even remove precancerous lesions, thus protecting you from the impending danger (if any).

Threading, plucking, hair removal strips, et al - I am sure none of your hair removal procedures from past bear any happy memories or moments. But with the IPL hair removal and Hard Wax routine, things can go a lot smoother and for longer. As, both IPL and Hard Wax eliminate hair from the root, the former by killing them entirely, and the latter by pulling them all out, if you adopt the two, I can only help but say: ‘Long live your gentle and soothing skin!’ Have fun!