IPL Hair Removal | Procedure, Side Effects and Cost

IPL Hair Removal | Procedure, Side Effects & Cost

Keeping unwanted body hair at bay can be a time consuming and painful task. Booking appointments to an expensive salon and shaving off your body hair daily can be quite a headache. Wouldn’t you prefer a solution with longtime results and also the ones which don’t make you scream?

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL procedure is an easier way to get rid of the ugly body hair in a very gentle way. It's fast, effective and long-lasting. Besides, it can be your constant companion on long vacations with your beau or friends. So to know all about IPL cost and hair removal treatment, from its working to expected results, to how much it will cost you. Read on!

What is IPL?

IPL procedure is a great alternative to your expensive laser hair removal in salons. Also minus the tedious appointments, as you can carry out the procedure at home, all by yourself. It's also different from lasers, as instead of having a specific wavelength of light, it uses a broad spectrum of light, much similar to the natural light around us. You can also compare its light with that of a flash lamp. And since it throws light on your skin in a scattered way, it targets more hair at once. But before you embark on the journey of this permanent hair removal treatment, let’s read about how it works.


The Science Behind IPL Hair Removal

Though different, IPL and Lasers have one common enemy - Melanin! Melanin is the dark-colored pigment which imparts the hair its black color. And it is found in large quantities in the hair root, called its Follicle. So when the IPl light falls on the skin, it penetrates the skin up to the hair follicle and heats it up until it burns to its end.

Since IPL targets the Melanin, People with blonde hair which has less or no Melanin, are not able to get the desired results from this treatment. Similarly, if you have dark skin, it means that you have more Melanin in your skin, so while using the IPL, it will target not only your hair but your skin as well. So it's going to itch a bit extra.

Procedure for using IPL hair removal device

The procedure for using IPL is super easy. Here are a few quick steps. For more detailed procedure read here.

#1. Preferably shave the hair before use. You are strictly advised to not tweeze, wax or thread the hair, as IPL hair removal treatment will not work when Melanin (in hair’s root) will be missing.

#2. Then, you must set the intensity on the IPL hair removal device and make arrangements for the place where you want to use it. Prefer an open area.

#3. Once you are ready, just hold the device in a vertical position over your skin and press the button, while gently moving it across your skin.

#4. The device will give flashes of light which will feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

#5. Keep going, all the way from the below the eyes to your toes.



IPL is effective, beyond doubt. Each hair has its own growth cycle and for this reason, you will need multiple sessions to get desired results. However, with regular use, you will see a visible reduction in hair regrowth, while some claim to have achieved permanent hair removal. Though you’ll be this lucky or not cannot be guaranteed, as different people get different results, depending on your skin and hair growth.

IPL hair removal also has photorejuvenation capability. So when you use it on your face, you can get rid of wrinkles, like crows feet around your eyes and mouth, apart from other skin issues like acne and marks. So IPL is a complete win-win for all things beauty. Moreover, the IPL cost is something that can fit your budget.

IPL Hair Removal Side effects

The light from the IPL device will not harm your skin, but some people may face minor side effects from IPL hair removal. These could include some redness on the skin immediately after the treatment. Some may even experience some brief swelling on their skin. Besides, the skin will be sensitive for a few hours (or days for some), so meanwhile, you’ll have to stay away from the sun. At the same time, you can put on makeup if you have to go out urgently. But it's best to let the skin breathe and heal on its own. In case any of IPL hair removal side effects persist for long, you must visit the doctor for medical advice.


Who can and cannot use IPL hair removal?

IPL is safe for all women out there, but as mentioned earlier, it's not so effective for a few. These include people with lighter body hair, which means lesser Melanin. However, if your hair is only a bit light, you can make it work by setting the intensity. While those with a dark skin tone will have to bear a little more pain and discomfort. If you are comfortable with it, you get a go-ahead. In simple words, it works best on light skin and dark thick hair combination.

Cost Analysis

The cost of IPL procedure in the Salons varies from person to person and salon to salon. It also depends on the area being treated and its size. So to give you a rough idea, it may cost you between $600 to $1500, on average. Your bill may shoot even higher, if you’ll opt for pretreatment lab tests, follow up sessions, medications, etc.

On the other hand, IPL hair removal devices are a one-time investment. You just have to buy them once and don’t have to spend a penny in addition to its maintenance or use. You can buy an IPL hair removal device for the price range that’s quite wide. However, the Mello Beauty IPL hair removal device will cost you only around AUD 230. While if you are lucky you may avail it a discounted price, as little as AUD 175. So it's worth every penny you spend on it.


Pros and Cons of IPL Hair Removal


  • IPL hair removal devices are fast and easy to use.
  • You can easily use it at home or carry it around on trips.
  • Removes hair for the long term.
  • Shows visible results from the first session onwards.
  • Light is less intense and safer than laser light
  • Side effects are minimal and easy to deal with
  • Also fades fine lines, wrinkles, and spots


  • You’ll need multiple sessions for permanent results.
  • Doesn’t work effectively on dark skin and lighter hair

Recovery and Risk

After IPL hair removal you need to take a few cautions to ensure a smooth recovery process. Although the recovery of the skin from IPL is quite fast and has minimal risks involved, a few preventive measures are a must after the treatment. Have a look at possible changes that you might face after treatment and how you can easily sail through them:

Changes skin color: After the IPL procedure you might experience skin darkening for a few days. Rest assured your skin has not changed its color permanently it's just a temporary after-effect. Layer your skin with sunscreen when you step out in sun and protect the darkened part from sun damage to ensure a quick recovery process.

Since our hair follicles are altered during the IPL laser hair removal process, you might experience redness in your skin after the laser hair removal process. Apply a cooling moisturizer and avoid harsh soaps and chemicals during the recovery to get rid of this redness.

Crusting: You might also experience skin crusting after the IPL procedure but don’t fret as its just a temporary effect. Apply moisturizer and cooling gels in the crusted part to get rid of crusting for flawless skin.

The Crux!

If you have already read it all about IPL hair removal device, you have a fair idea of the many ways this treatment can change your beauty expectations. Its side effects are minimal, the procedure is super easy and less painful. Besides, the best part, you will get to save more, so why not pamper yourself with another dress, or a spa, in lieu of your savings? Well, the choice is yours. Kick it off!